Turn Your Bedroom Into a Luxury Hotel With These Cosy Must-Haves


Besides the fact that you get to recharge in a new location, part of the appeal of going on staycations or holidays must surely be that you get to relax in a room that’s clutter-free and tastefully decorated. Thankfully, that’s not hard to recreate in your own home, so you can put your holiday money towards creating rejuvenating bedrooms that you can enjoy every day.

Cosy sheets

The hotel standard is white sheets, often Egyptian cotton around the 300-thread count mark which gives it a silky feel. Although white sheets give off a pristine impression, don’t feel limited in your own bedroom. Creamy tones are ultra-comforting but other neutral hues can similarly create a calm atmosphere while infusing the room with some colour. We’d also like to suggest some alternatives to Egyptian cotton. While the material does feel luxurious and crisp, it’s rather pricey and may not feel as comfortable especially if you don’t sleep in an air-conditioned room because it can be quite thick. In its stead, consider flax linen or bamboo sheets instead.

Why pick bamboo?

  • It has that soft, silky feel you’re after.
  • It’s super breathable to keep you cool at night.
  • It wicks away sweat so you feel more comfortable. This also prevents bacteria from flourishing in your mattress, which may cause odours.
  • It’s light which means less arm-strain when removing or putting on the sheets.
  • It’s less prone to staining compared to cotton.
  • It’s a more eco-friendly option as bamboo plants grow quickly, and the fibres are strong so your sheets will last.

As a brand committed to ethical and sustainable production, Sunday Bedding’s sheets are made without harmful chemicals or synthetics and produced in the most environmentally-conscious way. Like all the sheets in the range, their bestselling bamboo sheet set comes pre-washed so you can just slip on the covers as soon as you get them.

squarerooms sunday bedding woman folding sheets bedroom sunny cosy vibes

Bamboo sheet set, Sunday Bedding, from $218

Why pick linen?

  • Created from the fibres of the flax plant, linen is supposedly more durable than cotton and will thus last longer.
  • Linen is more breathable and it’s also naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial.
  • Linen has a bit of texture and a unique look; it drapes gorgeously for an effortless, lived-in vibe.
  • The more you wash linen, the cosier it feels.
  • Like bamboo, flax is a more eco-friendly option as it requires less water, energy and pesticides to grow. Plus, flax seeds and flax seed oil are also sold as food so more of the plant gets used.

Annette’s linen duvet cover set is made with 100% flax fibre from France and gently stonewashed for that dreamy faded look and soft texture. This bundle includes a duvet cover, pillow case and a drawstring linen bag.

squarerooms annette linen bedding blue and white

Linen duvet cover set, Annette, from $198

Perfect mattress

Although staying in a hotel is nice, nothing beats sleeping in your own bed. If yours could do with an upgrade, our pick goes to mattresses with pillow tops as the padding will give you extra cushioning and softness for the same luxurious hotel experience.

The Maxcoil Orlando Crest mattress from Born in Colour provides double the comfort with a 13-inch plush top and a synthetic latex pillow top sitting above a mattress with individual pocket springs. Not ready for a new mattress? A mattress topper like IKEA’s Tustna will work well and help prolong the lifespan of your existing bed. You can also remove the topper easily for airing and cleaning.

squarerooms born in colour wooden bed frame

Maxcoil Orlando Crest (double topper) mattress, Born in Colour, $1,039

Dreamy pillow

When it comes to pillows, the Sofzsleep Premium Belgium Latex contour pillow from Born in Colour is a good choice for allergy sufferers or those with sensitive skin. It has been treated to prevent mould, dust mites and fungi growth. The natural latex filling means there’s no off-gassing—it’s toxin-free with no formaldehyde. The removable cover is also made of bamboo, which is antibacterial, anti-fungal and breathable.

Suitable for all head and neck shapes, dormiente’s Flexopillo Med is made of 100% natural latex flakes for a springy feel that helps your muscles relax. This pillow is also completely washable.

dormiente pillow natural material

Flexopillo Med, dormiente, POA

Stylish bed frame

A perfect blend of contemporary and traditional touches, the King Living Serenade Storage Bed can be customised with your preferred tufted headboard and timber or fabric base. A hydraulic lift system lets you easily raise the bed with just one hand for easy storage, and it’ll keep the bed lifted so there’s no danger of unexpected lowering.

squarerooms king living bed woman lifting storage

Serenade Storage Bed, King Living, POA

We also love the organic look of dormiente’s Morell Solid Wood Bed which conveniently features two pull-out drawers at the bottom. You can also choose from nine types of wood for the base so you can get your bed to look exactly how you want.

squarerooms dormiente wooden bed frame rustic room design dark bedding

Morell Solid Wood Bed, dormiente, POA

Top tip: Always make sure there’s enough “breathing room” around each piece of furniture in your bedroom.

Soft lighting

Hotel lighting is all about setting the right mood. Indirect and warm lighting will create a calm atmosphere that’ll set you at ease. The Sherlock Table Lamp from Castlery has a perforated brushed brass lamp shade which casts a gentle and warm glow around the room. Instead of wall or table lamps, you can also go for floor lamps like the Miles Floor Lamp from Delightfull, which add more flair to the room. Need to maximise floor and bedside table space? A wall lamp such as the Hector Medium Dome Wall Light from Original BTC is ideal.

squarerooms original btc white bedding wall lamp warm yellow light

Hector Medium Dome Wall Light, Original BTC, from $237

Comfy rugs

It’s nice to step out of bed and put your feet on something soft. While carpeting isn’t quite practical for Singapore’s weather, a rug is much easier to maintain. We love large area rugs for the visual impact, but they can be rather expensive. If a large rug is out of your budget, go for an outdoor rug which tends to be less pricey or choose cheaper materials like jute or sisal. Alternatively, you can also use strong duct tape to stick a few smaller rugs together.

Generously sized and sporting a trendy Moroccan pattern, the Aziza Rug from Castlery is a great find. It’s handmade with eco-friendly, recycled plastic and even comes with a sturdy latex backing for longevity.

squarerooms castlery rug geometric neutral minimalist black lines

Aziza rug, Castlery, $169

Heavy black-out drapes

Nothing ruins your sleep like bright lights and disruptive sounds. Black-out drapes will block rays from the sun and street lamps from streaming in, as well as dampening city noise to help you sleep better.

Top tip: Silk is very fragile and sensitive to sunlight, so it’s not the best for heavily used cushions or curtains. Velvet is also very prone to picking up fur and dust, so be prepared for daily cleaning if you go with this option.

Snuggly throws

We love how throws make chairs and sofas seem instantly more inviting. They’re perfect for snuggling in on cool and rainy days too. The simple design and neutral tones on the Wadi Throw from Castlery look effortlessly elegant and will complement a wide range of decor styles.

squarerooms castlery throw bedding blue black minimalist

Wadi throw, Castlery, $55

Fluffy cushions

Cushions are nice to hug and also give additional support where needed. The woven details on the Beverly cushion cover from Annette add plenty of visual and textural interest to the room.

squarerooms annette cushion cover

Beverly cushion cover, Annette, $50

Top tip: If you want your soft furnishings to match the colour of your room, pick them out first as it’s easier to find paint to match the fabrics than the other way round.

Calming colours

squarerooms dark blue bedroom dulux paint

Image courtesy of Dulux

Paint truly transforms a room. For maximum rest and relaxation, you could go with two ends of a colour spectrum: rich and dark tones for a cocooning boutique-hotel feel, or light neutrals that call to mind breezy, sunlit resorts. Inky navy, for instance, is a versatile neutral tone and an excellent hue for quieting your mind. You can then jazz it up with accents in a lighter shade. Nippon’s Odour-less Easy Wash line is a great option for non-toxic, almost scent-free wall paint. We particularly love the Lilac White and Special Touch shades to keep things bright and airy. Alternatively, Butter Toast and Ciabatta will bathe your room in a warm, cosy feel.

This post was adapted from an article originally published in the SquareRooms Mid-Year Special 2020.