7 Things You Need In Your Home Gym That Aren’t Equipment


To keep fit during this circuit breaker, setting up some exercise equipment at home can go a long way. Home gyms, however, are not just empty rooms with dumbbells and pull-up bars. From storage to the right kind of flooring, here are seven things you need in your home gym that aren’t equipment.

  1. Storage
    First and foremost, you are going to need somewhere to store all those weights. As home gyms tend to be fairly small due to space restrictions, opting for wall-mounted and hanging storage is particularly nifty in this instance. Hook bars are highly recommended for hanging things such as jumping ropes. Make sure you have some extra space to keep clean towels and water bottles as well.squarerooms-dumbbells-weights-storage-gym
  2. Entertainment
    If you think you don’t need any entertainment in the gym, you will soon find out just how boring exercising can get in complete and utter silence. Listening to music through your earphones is possible, but earphones can easily get tangled and in the way of exercise. Since you have your home gym to yourself, why not invest in a speaker and let the bass power up the room? If music isn’t entertaining enough, consider setting up a screen on a stand, shelf or counter. With a TV screen, you can easily follow along with an exercise routine from YouTube, or watch your favourite show to make the time pass that much faster.
  3. Good ventilation
    Needing good ventilation seems obvious, but can be easily forgotten until you actually start exercising. Ideally, pick a room with decent air-conditioning or install a new unit in your home gym to allow for good temperature control and avoid overheating. If you don’t have access to air-conditioning or wish to go green without a unit, use fans to make sure that enough air is circulating around the room. For higher air quality, you can also keep a few plants in your home gym.squarerooms-ventilation-fan-closeup
  4. Water cooler
    Staying hydrated while exercising is crucial for your health. Keeping water bottles in the room is perfectly fine, but if you find yourself using the gym on a daily basis, investing in a handy water cooler might be a good idea. It will give you continuous access to cool, filtered water, and you will never have to stock up on bottles again! Alternatively, if you love sparkling water you can win a SodaStream sparkling water maker right here on SquareRooms.
  5. Resting area
    Speaking of health, taking breaks in between exercises is important. Whether it’s a mat in the corner or an entire chair, having somewhere to sit down to take a break is a must. To maintain your home gym clean and sanitary, non-absorbent materials such as metals are best for the resting area. These hardy materials won’t retain moisture and odours as easily as fabrics.squarerooms-yoga-exercise-mat-stretching-home-water-bottle-leg-foot-shoe
  6. Mirrors
    Not a necessity but a welcome plus, full-length mirrors can improve your motivation and control in the gym. Being able to see yourself while exercising can help you establish if you are doing anything wrong and recognise how your muscles move. If you have a certain goal for how you want to shape your body, keeping track in the mirror can also sustain your motivation to reach that goal.
  7. Floor protection
    Heavy weights, jumping ropes and other exercise equipment can take a toll on delicate floors when used over time. To keep your flooring in good shape, deck your home gym in exercise-friendly materials such as foam. If you don’t want such a drastic floor change, vinyl and linoleum are hardy, long-lasting materials with stain and scratch-proof properties and more aesthetic appeal than foam.squarerooms-girl-sitting-floor-gym-weights-rest-break