5 Ways To Inject An Industrial Flair Into Your Home

Originally found mostly in old factories and warehouses, the industrial design style of weathered wood, concrete and exposed elements have since found their way into modern interiors. What was considered cold and unfinished is now seen as raw and edgy, and the combination of grainy, earthy wood and smooth, lustrous metal showcases delightful textural interplay between form and function. But just how do you imbue your home with an industrial flair? Here are our suggestions.

  1. Go for contrast
    When choosing industrial furniture, you don’t have to stick to the same colours or materials across different pieces. Feel free to experiment with contrasting finishes and colours, like a high-gloss metal frame with a rustic wooden countertop. But do note that the contrast will be easier to pull off if it’s done all throughout your home rather than concentrated in only one room – it’s all about the right mix of things.SquareRooms-Commune-Advertorial-2
  2. Choose exposed or unfinished elements
    Probably the most recognised feature of this particular design style, exposed pipes and ducts are an essential component in any industrial-themed home. It’s an especially smart choice for all-white spaces, which provide an incredible contrast to the metal piping and ducts. For the more adventurous, you can also employ the use of an exposed brick wall – whether in the form of stucco wallpaper or by actually hacking out a wall – to take the design theme a step further.
  3. Create your own concrete jungle
    Besides being a staple building material of the industrial age, its functionality and durability are all contributing factors in making concrete finishing an increasingly popular material choice for homeowners looking to transform their home into an industrial-themed one. But if you’re worried about your home feeling too “cold” with the all-concrete flooring and/or walls, you can create a pleasing contrast with the use of wooden elements – like floorboards or even furniture with wood accents – to imbue some warmth and cosiness into your space.SquareRooms-Commune-Advertorial-1
  4. Let there be light
    Due to the ever-growing popularity of industrial interior design, many manufacturers have since been stocking up on an extensive variety of industrial-style light fixtures that range from bulb cages to pulley lighting systems. But what’s even better is that these style of lights can be used in any area of the house. Track lights are a great option for ambient lighting, while stretched cables of Edison bulbs can be gathered together to form a chandelier to be hung above the dining table – the options are endless.
  5. Aim for comfort, not function
    Lastly, remember that while the industrial factories and warehouses were designed for work, your home is not. Always keep comfort in mind. All the exposed structural elements and concrete finishes can become too overwhelming in the long run, so balance out the design with soft furnishings like a pouf or a furry rug that create a visual contrast with the industrial features.SquareRooms-Commune-Advertorial-3Inspired by wine crates, Commune’s Tusk collection features solid American oak with powder-coated mild steel for a rustic aesthetic. Its strong angles and bold look make it the ideal choice for modern urbanites who wish to recapture the ever-popular industrial café look right at home.

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