7 Stylish Cushions To Add A Pop Of Colour To Your Room


Cushions are a great way to accessorise your couch or bed, and they add not only a sense of comfort, but also a dashing flair with the right patterns and colours. To make your room truly stand out with a stylish cushion, here are 7 to consider including in your home.

Max Cushion – Fred Lives Here

Fred Lives Here (1)

Geometric shapes in hues of pink, purple and blue contrast against each other for a chic statement.

Price: $30
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Cushion Mortimer – Forty Two

Cushion Mortimer (1)

A myriad of bold colours and symmetrical lines will work wonders to brighten up your room.

Price: $29.90
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Dominica Cushion – Linen House

Dominica Cushion

Tropical vibes reign supreme with this pillow adorned with leaf prints.

Price: $86.95
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Ice Cream Sandwich Cushion – Naiise

The folks at Naiise are known for their eccentric products, and this particular design hits a nostalgic note of a childhood favourite while providing a sense of colourful quirk.

Price: $32.90
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RÖDARV cushion – IKEA

With unique doodles on this IKEA cushion, the overall product evokes a subtle charm that creates a homely feel.

Price: $39.90
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Deer Cushion – Comfort Furniture

Deer Cushion

Deer motifs in different palettes make for a simple but sophisticated design that would complement any interior.

Price: $29
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Kala Blue Salmon Cushion – Courts


The combination of light red and grey mixed with line patterns works brilliantly to make this a couch favourite.

Price: $49
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