8 Small But Beautiful Bedroom Design Ideas

These tiny yet successful bedroom interiors prove how less can be a lot more.

  • More than words
Stick Alphabet Bed Linen Design Letters

Credit: Design letters

We’re loving the stick alphabet bed linen, but the storage compartments underneath the bed are also good to have. Easy to reach and you can even skip having the bedside table altogether.

  • Vertical touch

Credit: Ferm Living

Keep the floor area clear by having everything on the wall. From shelving to lighting, all these bedroom necessities can go up there!

  • Transparency
Credit: Museum Homes

Credit: Museum Homes

If you don’t care much for privacy in the bedroom, a full-length glass sliding door helps to visually amplify the volume of the room.

  • Storage galore
Credit: Bemz

Credit: Bemz

Have a full wall of open shelving at the back of headboard to put an end to all your clutter nightmares. It also looks great as a visually stunning feature wall.

  • On cloud nine
Floating Bed Lago

Credit: Lago

When you see more floors pace, you naturally see a bigger bedroom. A ‘floating’ bed with a single support or a mirror finish base should create that illusion.

  • Sliders
Credit: Bemz

Credit: Bemz

Blur the line of separation between room and living hall with a wider entrance width and a sliding door.

  • Top deck
Credit: Lago

Credit: Lago

This overhead fixture which serves as shelving and illumination points will bring much practicality to the space. Plus, the whimsical design which is shaped after a roof will definitely thrill the young occupants.

  • Charming loft
Functional Bedroom Design Prozfile

Credit: Prozfile

What we like about this cosy room is that it has character, and can pack three functions in one space. The fuss-free workstation, the low-rise bed on wooden pallets and the wall-mounted TV all go hand-in-hand in creating that spacious, loft-inspired look.