5 Creative Ways to Display Artwork at Home


Gone are the days of hanging artwork up on your walls without a second thought. Whether it’s matching the artwork to your colour scheme, following the curves and edges of your home or applying it to functional spaces like kitchen cabinets, here are five creative ways to display artwork for a lively and vibrant home.

Match your colour scheme

Nothing is quite as satisfying as walking into a room and spotting some perfectly colour-matched artwork. For the best possible results, try to match the main colour of the art piece to the decorative accents in your home to make them pop. Just look at how the pink lines along the side of the stool stand out thanks to the pink curtains and matching artwork!

Follow a shape

While art galleries are most commonly arranged alongside staircase railings, it’s certainly not the only possibility. Why not experiment with hanging some artwork around a mirror, a headboard or a cabinet? If you home sports rounded archways or windows, don’t hesitate to experiment with those either—they can make for really unique and eye-catching displays.

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Break up storage spaces

Of course, art pieces don’t have to necessarily hang on a wall. Smaller prints and framed artworks can easily fit on a shelf, allowing you to break up the monotony of storage spaces. Our personal advice? Choose artwork that enhances the room you’re displaying it in. If you’re aiming for the kitchen shelf, a painting of a coffee cup, a basket of fruits or any other kind of food or drink will be especially pleasing.

Take up the whole wall

On the flip side of fitting small artworks onto shelves and storage units is spreading out the art piece to an entire wall or even a whole room. This can be done in the form of a wallpaper, a mural, a mosaic or even hand-painted wall art. If you know any local artists you admire or even have an artist in your circles, consider hiring them to paint your walls for you. The artwork will not only be entirely unique, but will hold personal value as well, making your display all the more meaningful.

Transform your furnishings

Think you don’t have space for artwork in your small flat? Wrong! You may have filled your walls and shelves to the brim, but you still have cabinets, a backsplash and plenty of furniture. You can paint or apply prints to your cabinets, paint your backsplash tiles to form a larger artwork and even use cupboards and consoles as a canvas for eye-catching designs. The world is your oyster!

Featured image courtesy of Daniel Yun