Here’s How You Can Enhance Your Home With Mirrors

Mirrors don’t just look good in the bathroom, they can take your living areas up a notch too. Whether you want to brighten a dark living room or break up the monotony of a bland dining area, here’s how you can enhance your home with mirrors.

Add a whimsical touch

If you’re thinking of getting a standard rectangle mirror for your living or dining room, consider opting for something a little quirkier instead. Mirrors with unique designs have the added advantage of giving your space a whimsical touch, combining the mirrored effect with unconventional shapes.


Image courtesy of D’Marvel Scale

Make your bomb shelter disappear

One of our biggest concerns as HDB dwellers is hiding our bulky bomb shelters. If you’re in the same boat, you can help your bomb shelter blend into the living room by painting it in a complementary hue and installing a large mirror on the outer wall. The reflection of the surroundings on the shelter will give the area a sense of continuity, allowing the two spaces to merge.

squarerooms salt studio mint green bomb shelter mirror scandinavian living room

Image courtesy of Salt Studio

Increase the luxury factor

There’s no denying it—mirrors have a certain luxury about them. Pair this natural lusciousness with an opulent frame in gold or bronze and you’ll end up with a decidedly lavish space. Thick frames with plenty of texture, such as grooves or engravings, are a particularly good choice if you’re after that luxury factor.


Image courtesy of Free Space Intent

Expand your space

The perhaps biggest advantage of mirrors is the way they manage to trick the eye. The dining area below gives the impression of being vast and expansive, but take out the mirror and you are left with an average-sized space. If you struggle with tiny rooms that feel claustrophobic, a strategically placed mirror will help to visually widen your surroundings, giving you room to breathe.

SquareRooms Richfield dining room luxury luxurious gold black white

Image courtesy of Richfield Integrated

Break up the monotony

Got a room with too many straight lines? A round mirror can help to break up the monotony, introducing a different shape with the result of a much more visually interesting space. Plus, the reflection itself adds dimension to the living area, giving it a sense of depth.

SquareRooms Arkhilite living room monochromatic white mirror

Image courtesy of Arkhilite

Brighten the room

If your home is dark and gloomy due to a low number of windows, installing a mirror is a handy solution. Mirrors help to reflect any light that hits them, brightening their surroundings. Incorporating mirrors in strategic spots around the house can create a chain of light, turning your overall home into a brighter, more pleasant space.

Fuse Concept Hall living room white brick walls large mirror blue sofa yishun

Image courtesy of Fuse Concept

Decorate your surroundings

Last but not least, small mirrors always make for fuss-free and functional decor pieces. Whether you place them on living room shelves or bedroom displays, they do all of the above—brighten, expand, distort—while generally beautifying the area and making for useful items to have around the house. Win-win!


Image courtesy of Story of Us