The Two Essentials You Need for a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen


Embodying a slow and mindful approach to home design, the farmhouse look takes us back to the simple days of country living. Give it a bit of a twist and you get the modern farmhouse aesthetic—a widely popular iteration of this design style nowadays, particularly in the kitchen.

As a space for the family to gather, cook and enjoy a communal meal, the kitchen is the heart of the home and often the core of domestic life. While it was once a purely functional space in the house, it’s now commonly designed as an open area that invites guests to mingle and often even make use of the appliances and fittings themselves.

The modern farmhouse style is especially conducive to this communal lifestyle, bringing together functionality, cosy detailing and a light and bright colour palette that immediately evokes a good mood. If you’re intrigued and looking to achieve this aesthetic in your own home, here are the two essentials you need for a modern farmhouse kitchen.

The quintessential farmhouse sink

squarerooms vintera XL9 blanco kitchen unit modern farmhouse country style cream oak wood white cabinets sink faucet

What’s more of a farmhouse classic than the famous farmhouse sink? With its signature apron-fronted silhouette, this is a definite must-have to achieve the modern farmhouse kitchen look.

One of our favourite options is the VINTERA XL 9 farmhouse sink from BLANCO, a modern interpretation of the timeless classic crafted out of the renowned SILGRANIT material. This sink comes in an array of colour options, so you don’t even have to stick to the typical white farmhouse aesthetic while still evoking that vintage flair.

The SILGRANIT material brings strength and longevity to the table with a composition of up to 80% quartz sands, the strongest component of granite. Beyond being scratch-proof and dirt-repellent, it’s also a breeze to clean and comes with the patented Hygiene+Plus technology. This gives the sink built-in antibacterial properties, so you can rest assured that your kitchen stays germ-free in the long run.

A retro faucet for the modern kitchen

squarerooms vintera xl9 blanco kitchen unit modern farmhouse country style cream white sink steel grey faucet

For a complete look, add a faucet with some retro charm to your farmhouse sink—but opt for one that offers the comfort and functionality of a modern fixture despite its vintage aesthetic! One such faucet is the LIVIA-S mixer tap from BLANCO, which mixes modern and retro elements for a unique look that pairs well with the farmhouse aesthetic.

While it has the appearance of an old-school one-piece faucet, its spout is actually extendable, so you can reach all the nooks and crannies of even a large kitchen sink and do the dishes with ease. Pair it with a matching soap dispenser to complete the lightly rustic yet elegant country look!

Once you’ve got your farmhouse sink and retro tap, round off the area with a waste separation system to ensure that everything stays neat and clean. The FLEXON II is our top recommendation to keep your kitchen waste in check—simply install it inside your base cabinet and enjoy organised, tidy bins with flexible divisions and a sleek and seamless look.


This post was brought to you by BLANCO.