Can’t Find Aesthetic Kitchen Appliances? Read This

So, you have a problem—you need to find kitchen appliances that work with your decor but haven’t found anything that inspires you. The solution? Bertazzoni offers quality kitchen appliances in several styles and colours so you don’t have to compromise your design vision. We caught up with Lawrence Chan, Bertazzoni Showroom Manager, to find out more.

When seeking quality kitchen appliances, what should consumers think about?

We encourage customers to select kitchen appliances based on their needs and lifestyle to determine the features required, factoring in their budget, kitchen dimensions and decor preferences to narrow down the selections. Consumers should also look into the products’ country of origin, the production of parts as well as after-sales service.

Born in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, Bertazzoni has over 140 years of experience crafting stylish and high-quality appliances that take the work out of cooking. Our brand is proud and well-equipped to do this as food and cooking are essential elements of Italian family life. We’ve built a reputation for the quality of our engineering and products that enable you to cook with precision to deliver food with flair and flavour. Innovation is vital and we consider everything from the perspective of the consumers and the way they want to experience their kitchen.

What are some of Bertazzoni’s helpful features that consumers may be interested in?

squarerooms bertazzoni kitchen appliances induction hob flatlay top down view

Bertazzoni steam ovens have a full steam function that is great for health-conscious customers. Water vapour seals in nutrients, vitamins and minerals while cooking vegetables, fish and meat efficiently. The result of this is food that is both healthy and delicious. Additionally, some Bertazzoni ovens come with a pyrolytic self-cleaning function which uses high temperatures to clean and sterilise the interiors for easy maintenance.

If you’re looking for a versatile and simple way to cook, our induction hobs are easy to control and clean and sport a very elegant design. For customers who prefer giving their dishes a “wok hey” taste, our gas stoves feature brass burners for better heat distribution and retention. They come in three- and five-burner options in both stainless steel and matt black designs.

Bertazzoni offers three different lines and they all look fantastic. Could you tell us more about the design concept for each range and who they’re best suited to?

The three lines we carry are the Professional, Modern and Heritage series. Each offers a variety of styles and finishes and the appliances can be mixed and matched. At the same time, our innovative engineering and attention to detail ensure professional performance and the premium quality that our brand is recognised for. Here’s a little about each line to help with your decision.

Professional Series

squarerooms bertazzoni professional kitchen appliances oven stainless steel

The beautifully designed Professional Series offers best-in-category capacity, flexibility and usability for professional performance in your home kitchen. Its distinctive style features elegant knobs, ergonomically designed handles and sophisticated finishes, iconic elements that blend design with innovative functionality and are underpinned by our renowned engineering.

Modern Series

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The Modern Series highlights the Italian flair for combining style, function and quality. Glass and precious metals crafted using years of knowledge and passion makes Bertazzoni’s approach an art as well as a science. This series offers a rich and sophisticated style that is both current and timeless, and touch controls on the most advanced models give the machines a clean-lined appearance for unparalleled seamless integration.

Heritage Series

squarerooms bertazzoni kitchen appliances heritage oven houseofchais design woman countertop cabinets white

Image courtesy of House of Chais

The aesthetic for this series was inspired by the original Bertazzoni stoves created by Napoleone Bertazzoni at the start of the 20th century. Beyond taking style cues from the timeless models, the series has been engineered with state-of-the-art technology to the high standards that Bertazzoni is renowned for. This series will fit well in farmhouse or country-chic interiors.

What advice would you give for a stylish and efficient cooking space that will look good for years to come?

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For a kitchen you’ll enjoy for a long time, it’s important to pick appliances that not only work well but make you feel happy. The right finishes, design and colour can pull together your decor theme or help to enhance the character of the space.

Bertazzoni’s wide-ranging appliances in several colours and styles can fit into different interiors easily. You have more choices to choose from so your design doesn’t have to be limited.

The Bertazzoni Modern Series oven comes in several colours. For versatility, you can’t go wrong with stainless steel, black or zinc which match easily with other materials and hues. To create a nice contrast in an otherwise minimalistic space, you could try copper which also works well with marble surfaces.

Could you share more about the showroom where customers can experience these products? What are your top recommendations from each range?

squarerooms bertazzoni kitchen appliances showroom singapore red retro oven

Our flagship showroom is located in the quaint Tiong Bahru estate at 25 Yong Siak Street. Here, homeowners can experience the different series in three unique kitchen settings.

The Combi-Steam Oven from our Professional series is a great choice with over seven oven functions like grilling and convection as well as three different steam levels for fast and nutritious cooking.

For the Modern series, check out the Induction Hob, ranging from two to five cooking zones to suit kitchens of different sizes. It’s contemporary and sleek, providing fast and even cooking with easy maintenance.

If you’re interested in the classic Heritage series, the ovens are a good choice but the freestanding cookers are particularly stunning, as are the wall-mounted hoods.

You will certainly find the perfect pieces to elevate your kitchen with the help of our experts.

This post was adapted from an article originally published in the April 2022 issue of SquareRooms.