HGTV’s Property Brother Drew Scott Shares Some First-Hand Design Tips To Creating Your Dream Home


Creating and designing your very own home can be an exciting yet equally stressful experience. One person who is able to share some tips on renovating a home is Drew Scott, one half of HGTV’s Property Brothers who recently designed his new home within a short period of three months. Together with his fiancee, Linda, he created a chic black-and-white themed home in Los Angeles all while charting their journey on the TV series, Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House. From a luxurious living room perfect for hosting guests, to the ultimate kitchen for cook-offs, a guest room fit for a king and a master bedroom made for romance, Drew and Linda share some of their interior design tips to help you create a home you’ll never want to leave.


  1. Don’t make life difficult for yourself
    Remember that renovations are supposed to improve your house. Make sure you’re not just doing a renovation for the fun – and ensure that what you want to add to your house will make your life easier, and not more complicated.


  2. There’s no such thing as too much storage space
    It always helps to have some extra storage space which could free up rooms for other purposes, from work, games or even art and craft. In Drew and Linda’s case, they specially built a basement to store a wine room and additional items they couldn’t fit in other areas. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just useful, so it’s worth thinking about how you can incorporate additional storage space where possible.


  3. Think about what fits with your overall look
    If you’re buying a second-hand home, it’s helpful to think about the overall picture and how pieces fit together, before deciding what to keep or what not to keep. In Drew and Linda’s case, the house’s original narrow-plank pine flooring may have looked gorgeous, but it didn’t fit with the grand aesthetic they had in mind. Switching things up with herringbone-patterned wood floors on the first floor changed up the space entirely.


  4. Make your first impression spaces count
    This includes areas like the entryway, living rooms and common bathrooms! If you love to entertain, it’s important to make sure these areas are as welcoming as possible. Drew and Linda’s new house has wide plank flooring with classy and comfortable seating, which makes the space perfect for formal gatherings or just cosy nights at home.


  5. Set the mood in the master bedroom
    For many, that’s where the magic happens. If you want to make the master bedroom look sexy and cool – you can take a leaf out of Linda and Drew’s book! They used dark paint and jewel-tone accents in the luxe sleeping space, while balancing it out with white bedding and large windows ensure it doesn’t appear too moody. When the light hits the right places, it creates the perfect mood for romance.


    Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House airs every Monday at 10pm on HGTV, Singtel TV CH250. Photo credits: HGTV