Find Out How S’Pore DJ Sonia Chew Crafted Her Dreamy Studio Apartment


Having lived in her studio apartment for a good four years, Mediacorp 987 DJ, Sonia Chew, has been slowly transforming it into her dream home. Beyond the expert design carried out by her architect father, it is her array of classy pieces from KING that finally turned the empty space into the haven she now calls home.

Favourite piece: KING Zaza sofa
Top feature: Daybed configuration
Colour palette: Soothing neutrals
On her wishlist: KING Jasper bed

What made her choose KING furniture? “Their designs are clean and classic, plus the modular nature of the pieces makes it easy for me to add on in the future as well,” she tells us. “When I come home, I want to feel relaxed, comfortable and stress-free. Being able to play around with multiple textures and shades made KING the natural choice for me.”

Considering her busy schedule—filled to the brim with shoots, meetings, research and her daily drive time show—the moments she gets to spend with her loved ones are particularly precious to her. It was thus crucial to create a home that her friends and family could feel just as comfortable and peaceful in as she does.

squarerooms sonia chew influencer singapore king living home design living room sofa woman lounging

987 DJ Sonia Chew relaxing on the Zaza sofa that can be turned into a daybed.

This made her living room a big priority during the renovation, now fitted out with the sleek Zaza couch. With its low profile and timeless design, the Zaza sofa is a definite highlight during lounging sessions and on lazy evenings, whether Sonia is unwinding alone or surrounded by her loved ones.

“Not only is it the most comfortable and spacious two-seater sofa I’ve sat on, but the armrests are also adjustable and can turn into a sofa bed in case anyone needs to crash for the night.” Letting us in on a little secret, Sonia admits that she also loves to nap on her Zaza, making the transformation into a daybed extra convenient. “It’s just incredibly smart and comfortable. It’s also not bulky and I can see it fitting into my future homes as well.”

Talking aesthetics, Sonia shares that she fell in love with the fabric choices and pared-back colour palette, which was an equally perfect fit for her lifestyle. “I love more muted, neutral colours and I feel like that really came through in the design of my place,” she tells us.

“There were some unique shades that fit the exact theme I wanted. This is also my first home, and it being a bachelorette pad, I wanted to go with a minimalist style that had maximum functionality.” Of course, all of this is further enhanced by the soft glow from the ambient cove lighting, installed across the whole apartment.

squarerooms sonia chew influencer singapore king living home design woman sitting chair drink

Quay Outdoor Chair and Calypso Round Table.

Adjacent to the living room, the balcony is another one of Sonia’s favourite spaces in the apartment, bringing nature a little bit closer to home. In order to recreate a resort-style alfresco setting, she landed on the Quay Outdoor Chair for its versatility and elegant, light appearance. The Calypso Round Table is the perfect complement to her outdoor seating.

“With KING’s outdoor pieces, my balcony immediately transports me to the resorts in Phuket or even Lake Como,” she says. “The colourway also adds a touch of elegance and doesn’t overwhelm the balcony—it elevates the look of that space. I matched it with my Zaza and now the living room blends in seamlessly with the balcony!”

With the holiday season in full swing, Sonia is making the most of the luxurious spaces she has created in her dream home to recharge with friends and family. Whether they choose to lounge on the Zaza sofa or gather on the balcony, her carefully chosen KING pieces are sure to cement those happy memories for years to come.

This post was adapted from an article originally published in Key to Your Home 2022.