How To Set Up A Cafe Corner At Home If You Miss Visiting Cafes


If you miss going out to cafes and cosying up in a corner with your favourite drink and maybe some work to do, there are ways to replicate this experience in your own home. From cosy cushions to the right lighting, here’s how to set up a cafe corner at home.

  1. Make it cosy
    Nothing will make your new cafe corner as inviting as throws and cushions. While wooden furniture and barstools are particularly reminiscent of cafes, softening things up will go a long way in making your corner into a more pleasant space. Additionally, you can up the relaxation by dotting the space with plants. Not only will they make your corner more visually appealing, but they will increase the air quality in the room as well.


    Image courtesy of Catherine Augustin

  2. Opt for natural materials
    While cafes come in a variety of design styles, vintage and rustic are the most common, using lots of wood and other natural materials. Wooden furniture is easy to cosy up and it automatically makes people feel homely. Just make sure that the pieces you pick blend in with the rest of your home!


    Image courtesy of Ekrulila

  3. Change out your lighting
    The right kind of lighting can take your cafe corner up a notch. Whether you opt for a moody atmosphere with dim lights or a well-lit space with a farmhouse look, your choice of lamps will make or break the cafe vibe. Tip: if you want to make the corner a little romantic and maybe add a nice scent, a candle on the table will do the trick.


    Image courtesy of Andrea Davis

  4. Use your windows
    Cafes are often brightly lit by large windows and tend to offer plenty of window seats. If you are lucky to have large windows or even just an area with lots of natural light in your home, you can make use of it for your cafe corner. Spacious windowsills can even become entire seats!


    Image courtesy of Emre Can

  5. Make it productive
    While relaxing in a cafe is a popular pastime, many people use the space to work and study. If you find it hard to be productive at home, try to replicate the ambience of the cafe you usually work in. Just make sure there is enough space for a laptop and anything else you need to get your work done.


    Image courtesy of Roberto Nickson