These Minimalist Flush Plates are a Must-Have for a Sleek and Luxurious Bathroom

If you’re planning the design for your modern minimalist bathroom, you’ve probably looked into wall-hung WCs and concealed cisterns, but one item you may have neglected is the flush plate—an essential to complete the look and create a functional and hygienic bathroom!

No matter your style and requirements, you’re sure to find a flush plate that fits your dream bathroom design in the Visign series by Viega. With built-in smart features like sensor-activated flushing and a night light to guide you in the dark, these flush plates will ensure an intuitive and holistic bathroom experience while perfectly rounding off your luxurious bathroom design.

Intelligent functions for your bathroom

squarerooms viega visign for more flush plate minimalist modern sleek bathroom fittings design hand sensor flush black dark

Before we dive into the beautiful design of these flush plates, the most important quality of any bathroom fixture is its functionality, and the Visign flush plates definitely come with plenty of intelligent functions.

For instance, these flush plates prevent stagnant water in your WC by activating the flushing function automatically, at an interval and water volume of your choice. This means that you can rest assured to retain high water quality and avoid unpleasant odours in your bathroom even when you leave for a holiday, all the while controlling the amount of water used.

If you often find yourself heading to the bathroom in the dark, opt for one of the Visign for More flush plates. The Visign for More 202 and 205 in particular come pre-equipped with an illuminated frame, which is conveniently motion-activated. This way you won’t have to turn on the main bathroom light, which can be quite harsh on the eyes at night, and instead get to enjoy a soft glow that doesn’t fully disrupt your sleep.

Many of the other Visign for More flush plates can be installed with the illuminated frame as well—simply opt for it during installation! For the ultimate convenience, go with the Visign for More 205, which additionally comes with sensor-activated flushing that keeps the bathroom hygienic and the flush plate free of fingerprint marks.

Sleek and modern design

squarerooms viega visign for more flush plate minimalist modern sleek bathroom fittings design wall hung toilet with concealed cistern and sensor flush black dark

Beyond their handy functionality, the Visign flush plates also come with a sleek, minimalist look that’s hard to resist. Featuring clean lines, flawless contours and a tactile surface, the Visign for More and Visign for Style flush plates are available in a host of colours and materials, including appealing metal, glass and plastic finishes.

Countless options to suit your style

squarerooms viega visign for more flush plate minimalist modern sleek bathroom fittings design sensor flush black monochromatic gold white range collection colours finishes textures materials

The Visign flush plates conveniently offer a host of overarching styles and features that are sure to catch your eye.

With their gently curved silhouette, the Visign for More 200 flush plates are the perfect option to infuse your bathroom with some warmth and organic charm, breaking up the monotony of straight lines. What’s especially unique about these Red Dot Design Award winners is that they’re available in a real wood veneer as well, making them a one-of-a-kind pick with a rustic touch.

The unadorned Visign for More 201 flush plates, on the other hand, are available in an alluring range of stainless steel shades and an optional LED frame for that extra convenient night light. This is the perfect choice for a fully monochromatic and wholly minimalist bathroom design.

What sets the Visign for More 202 and 205 flush plates apart is their electronic design, allowing for the pre-equipped LED frame in a gorgeous chrome finish. These plates can be seamlessly installed flush with your favourite tiles, making the entire WC area not just easier on the eyes but extra low-maintenance too. What’s more, the 205 range in particular comes with a smooth glass surface that’s a breeze to clean and maintain.

Regardless of your pick, all Visign flush plates are compatible with Viega’s Prevista flush cisterns and pre-wall systems, so you’re sure to find one that’s just right for you.


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