8 Things That Will Make You Feel More Relaxed at Home


As our humble abodes become busier than ever before with new work-from-home arrangements, it’s important that we take the time to slow down and find new ways to relax in our living spaces. If this prospect overwhelms you, fret not—we’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you get started. Without further ado, here are eight simple things that will make your home more relaxing.


It’s no secret that candles are incredibly soothing. Even unlit, they contribute to the overall ambience of the room, making it a lot more pleasant to be in. We recommend white or cream-coloured candles in particular, as they are visually easy on the eyes. Scents like lavender are all-rounders that promote sleep and rest, but sweet scents like caramel and vanilla can help set a super cosy mood as well. Try to avoid citrus candles, as they have the opposite effect, energising you and awakening your senses.

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Image courtesy of Alesia Talkachova


Not everyone believes that crystals have healing properties and affect the energy in the room, but their stunning looks alone make them worth having around! If you want to give the esoteric side a try, opt for selenite, amethyst or celestite. Selenite is said to give off a healing vibe that purifies the surroundings, while amethysts and celestite crystals promote relaxation and balance out energy, easing you into restful sleep.

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Image courtesy of Alina Vilchenko

Plants and flowers

For a natural, earthy vibe, decorate your home with plants and fresh flowers. Hanging plants are especially relaxing to look at, particularly when they sway in the wind near a window. Fresh flowers, on the other hand, help to ease worries and promote positive energy. Whether you opt for plants, flowers or both, taking care of them is also greatly therapeutic, contributing to the relaxation factor in your home.

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Soft lighting

Ever gotten annoyed at how bright your lights are early in the morning? Then you’re in dire need of some new lighting! Opting for soft ambient lights is going to improve the feeling of rest and relaxation in your home by heaps. Make sure you have an appropriate lighting plan and that you choose the right shades, blinds or curtains to let in as much natural light as you need.

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Books and magazines

Books signify quiet, calm and taking things slow. Magazines, while a lot faster to consume, are usually kept in reading corners alongside cosy chairs and maybe a cup of coffee. In combination, books and magazines give a restful vibe to their surroundings, reminding you to take a deep breath and occasionally live life slowly. Keep a mix of bookshelves, coffee table books and magazine stacks around the house to switch things up.

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A cosy couch is crucial to make yourself comfortable at home, but have you considered the comfort of your feet? Entering a room with a soft rug underfoot will put you in a much more restful headspace than walking on hard tiles. Consider sprinkling various areas of your home with rugs—and focus particularly on entrances, as those set the mood for the entire room!

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Fruit bowls

Need a reminder to eat healthy? A bowl of your favourite fruits on a dining or side table will not only remind you to eat an apple a day, but will actively spread a fresh, healthy and soothing feeling throughout the whole room. Keep some fresh fruit out on the kitchen counter for a positive vibe while prepping your meals as well.

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Water features

If you’ve ever been to a spa, you may have seen a few water features here and there. That’s because the sounds and visuals of trickling water are extremely relaxing and can easily transport you into a meditative state. You can replicate this sensation at home with a tabletop fountain or other kind of indoor water feature. Most are made of stone for a more natural ambience and many come with built-in mood lighting for that extra spa touch.

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