4 Sustainable Kitchen Surfaces You Should Consider For Your Home

Wondering which materials you should be using for your kitchen surfaces? Before you make your choice, consider taking the sustainable route—plenty of our favourite kitchen surfaces have been awarded eco-friendly certifications! Read on to find out how these surfaces can benefit both your kitchen and the planet.

EDL laminate

Laminates from EDL don’t just make for sturdy kitchen cabinets, they also work wonders on worktops, tables, doors, shelves and even trolleys. If you want material consistency throughout the home, you can use them in the bathroom as well! Choose between a marble, stone or wood look, or alternatively opt for their very own FENIX, a unique nanotech material with an opaque, matte finish. All of EDL’s laminates adhere to Singapore’s Green Label certification for environmentally friendly products.


Image courtesy of EDL

MML technical porcelain

Specialising in luxurious tiles for floors and walls, MML stocks countless colours, textures and designs to suit any kitchen aesthetic. Their Saylee design comes with a particularly stunning natural stone look and a rough finish that looks organic and unpolished. It’s available in white and cream, as well as light and dark grey shades. All of MML’s technical porcelain tiles are Green Label certified for eco-friendly building materials and also proudly carry the SIRIM Eco-Label.

squarerooms technical porcelain saylee mml tiles

Image courtesy of MML

Formica solid surface

Durable, repairable and renewable, Formica’s solid surface shapes itself to your kitchen design, giving you the ideal worktable or integrated kitchen sink. Its seamless design makes for a particularly hygienic environment that is also water and fire-resistant. It’s available in a large number of colours, from the playful Sea Glass to the luscious Black Lava, and was awarded the Greenguard Certificate for low chemical emissions.

squarerooms formica countertop solid speckled surface

Image courtesy of Formica

Cosentino countertop

With up to 25 years of warranty, Cosentino takes its first step towards sustainability by ensuring a long-lasting product that minimises waste. Its Silestone collection in particular is made of more than 90% natural quartz, one of the hardest and most durable materials in the kitchen, which is also naturally resistant to stains and scratches. It’s available in a few different styles, such as veined and granulated, and a wide variety of shades, ranging from Miami White to Iconic Black. Cosentino has been consistently pushing itself in its sustainable practices, crafting 20% of new products using recovered materials and achieving a “zero waste” water use by producing everything with 100% recycled water. Its electrical energy is also entirely renewable, making it one of the most sustainable surface companies on the market.


Image courtesy of Silestone