Stunning Engineered Quartz Surfaces Perfect For Adding Substance To Stylish Kitchens


Going by recent interior trends, the kitchen has become more than a utilitarian zone. In fact, it is a place where we gather with our loved ones and bond over shared experiences. The interest in open-plan kitchens has also elevated this space to something more than just a place to prepare meals.

If style and function in the kitchen are of equal importance to you, then it is imperative that you equip your space with a highly durable surface like Caesarstone quartz surfaces. The brand’s premium surfaces are made of up to 93 per cent quartz engineered to retain the cool and tactile quality of natural stones.

The quartz manufacturer is known for pushing the boundaries in terms of surface designs to emulate the most beautiful materials found in nature and built environments. A good example is Caesarstone’s Metropolitan Collection. Inspired by the popular industrial trend, the range appeals to design-savvy homeowners thanks to its focus on the edgy and unpolished aesthetic seen in factories and lofts.

Another trend that has captured the hearts of homeowners is the nature-inspired look. Caesarstone’s Supernatural Collection has been developed to mimic the appearance of natural stones down to intricate details like veins and textures.

The quartz manufacturer recently introduced new designs to the Metropolitan Collection and the Supernatural Collection, giving homeowners even more choice for realising their dream space.

4023 Topus Concrete
Inspired by topological strata – fossilised textures built up over time in veiled layers – combined with the rugged patina of industrial materials, 4023 Topus Concrete from the Metropolitan Collection is a beautiful surface that hints at a warm blush undertone matched with movement and depth.


4044 Airy Concrete
Featuring a light grey base with a rough concrete finish, 4044 Airy Concrete from the Metropolitan Collection is perfect for minimalist homes with its brushstroke-like quality. This refined surface with an airy visual appearance is ideal for pairing with timber, tiles or slate.


6338 Woodlands
Giving off a luxurious vibe suitable for contemporary homes is 6338 Woodlands from Caesarstone’s Supernatural Collection. Boasting a light grey base dominated by rich, warm veins of varying thickness, this stunning surface is the perfect finishing touch to a show-off-worthy kitchen.


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