Transform Your WC into a Modern Throne in Just Three Easy Steps


A well-designed bathroom isn’t just concerned with aesthetics—it takes functionality and longevity into account as well. This applies to everything from the tiles to the fittings, and especially the key piece of the room: the WC. If you’re wondering how to upgrade this crucial part of the bathroom, here are three simple steps to get the makeover off the ground.

Step 1: Conceal the cistern and opt for a wall-hung solution

While close-coupled WCs are the standard choice for many bathrooms, they are becoming an outdated option; the cistern is prominent and bulky, taking up space and making it susceptible to germs.

Opt instead for a concealed cistern, which hides the pipework behind the wall for a streamlined, uncluttered bathroom. The Geberit Duofix frame system is one such option, securing your WC firmly in place.

Another significant improvement? Floating your WC above the ground. A wall-hung toilet not only gives your bathroom an instantly sleek and modern look, but it also leaves the floor underneath visible for a hygienic finish that creates the illusion of extra space. No need to worry about the weight capacity either—Geberit’s wall-hung toilets can hold up to 400kg with ease.

Step 2: Upgrade to a WC with supreme comfort functions

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For a thoroughly indulgent upgrade, opt for a shower toilet like the Geberit AquaClean Mera, which takes comfort and convenience to a whole new level. This award-winning shower toilet doesn’t just leave a lasting impression with its aesthetic appeal but also stands out thanks to its array of comfort functions.

Not only does it boast a convenient proximity sensor, which automatically opens the WC lid and starts warming up the seat as you approach, but it also has a low-noise odour extractor, ensuring a more pleasant experience.

When it comes to the spray functionality, the Geberit AquaClean Mera incorporates the patented WhirlSpray shower technology. This uses two nozzles to provide a targeted, thorough and exceptionally pleasant clean thanks to dynamic aeration. The separate lady wash is kept hygienically protected right up until it is used, delivering a particularly soft shower spray.

Additionally, the independent dryer arm offers an ideal airflow temperature, reducing it gradually to accommodate the change in the skin’s sensitivity as it dries.TurboFlush technology works with the appliance’s asymmetrical inner geometry developed by Geberit, ensuring that the toilet is flushed out thoroughly and quietly. For easy maintenance, the KeraTect special glaze coating prevents the build-up of debris, edges and corners have been eliminated to keep inaccessible spots to a minimum.

Step 3: Finish with a customisable actuator plate

To ensure that your bathroom is sleek and classy while still incorporating a personal touch, finish up the makeover with a customisable actuator plate, like the Geberit Sigma21. Simply personalise the pattern on the plate to make it completely yours!

Originally launched in glass (black, white or sand grey) as well as fine-textured slate for a more natural look, these actuator plates are now available in concrete and walnut too for an even more customisable aesthetic.No matter your bathroom style, the world is your oyster with these luxurious bathroom upgrades, ensuring aesthetics, functionality and safety so you can dive into your makeover with peace of mind.

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