Upgrade Your Home Theatre System With These New Audio-Visual Releases


We’ve picked out the latest offerings to help you build your dream home theatre system – all part and parcel of creating the best entertainment experience at home. Never have to worry about an overly dark scene or unclear audio again.


Samsung QLED 8K Q900R TV
From $10,999, at major home appliance and electronic stores


Think of television, and Samsung is likely the first brand to come to your head. Often placing at the forefront of the television scene, their latest option shows why they deserve to be there. The Samsung QLED 8K Q900R TV offers 8K resolution, Quantum (what the ‘Q’ in QLED stands for) HDR 8K and 8K Quantum Processor, which brings the images on television very nearly to real life. The Samsung QLED 8K Q900R TV is available in four sizes from 65 inches to 98 inches.

POA, available at major electronic retaile major home appliance and electronic stores


Sony’s highest quality image processor yet can be found in the A9G 4K OLED television. Outfitted with a next-generation Picture Processor X1TM Ultimate, it uses a unique algorithm to detect and analyse each object in the image, resulting in extreme detail. It also offers premium sound with its new Sound-from-Picture Reality, which reproduces the position of the sound onto the screen, so it appears as if the characters are speaking right in front of you instead – truly an immersive experience not to be missed. The Sony MASTER Series A9G 4K OLED TV is available in three sizes from 55 inches to 77 inches.

From $5,099 at major home appliance and electronic stores


It’s no secret that when it comes to OLED displays, LG makes some of the best. In addition to displaying visuals that are true to the filmmaker’s vision thanks to LG’s 4K Cinema HDR, the brand’s latest suite of OLED TVs is now equipped with the new a (Alpha) 9 Gen 2 processor for optimised visual and audio immersion. Combined with the processor’s deep learning AI algorithm, the LG OLED E9 is able to analyse content and ambient conditions to give users an intuitive TV viewing experience. For example, the processor is able to adjust the tone mapping of the images in accordance to ambient conditions to achieve the optimal level of brightness. It is also able to deliver crisp, clear vocals in movies and TV shows by fine-tuning output according to content type. Available in 55 inches and 65 inches.


Canon Rayo S1 Mini Projector
$599, available at authorised Canon dealers


Are you looking for a device that does more than just its job description? Then the Canon Rayo S1 Mini Projector is for you. Along with its projection capabilities of up to 120 inches, the mini portable projector serves as both a Bluetooth speaker and a portable charger. Users can also tap on its wireless capabilities to surf the internet and access various applications, all while watching your favourite shows.

Epson 4K PRO-UHD EH-TW7400 and EH-TW9400
Price TBA, to be available at KEC and Arts of Entertainment Singapore


Turn your living room into a cinema with the 4K PRO-UHD displays of Epson’s latest home cinema projectors, the EH-TW7400 and EH-TW9400. Both projectors are perfect for vivid displays and smooth transitions between scenes to make your viewing experience a breeze. Other features include 2D and 3D capabilities, large screen of up to 300 inches and high image quality using Epson’s 3LCD technology.

Soundbars & speakers

 LG Dolby Atmos Soundbar SL10YG
$1,999, available at major home appliance and electronics stores


Developed with Meridian Audio – the pioneers of High-Resolution Audio – the LG Dolby Atmos Soundbar SL10YG is able to deliver realistic surround sound that seems to come from multiple directions and depths. The streamlined machine is also is equipped with AI smart connectivity and voice recognition with built in Google Assistant, allowing you to not only adjust your home entertainment suite remotely, but also control other connected home appliances like the lights or air-conditioner. 

Bose Soundbar 700
$1,199, available at authorised Bose dealers


Bose’s latest soundbar is more than just a pretty picture – along with its wraparound metal grille and tempered glass top, its true power comes from the technology packed within. Bose’s QuietPort technology is known for its ability to make dialogue crisp and add depth to music, and the brand’s refined proprietary ADAPTiQ lets the device adjust their output to their surroundings. Compatibility with future technology is also covered with the HDMI Audio Return Channel included in the soundbar.

JBL Link Bar
POA, available at major home appliance and electronics stores


Combining smart television with high quality sound is the JBL Link Bar, created by the brand in collaboration with tech giant Google. Using the Android TV and Google Assistant built-in support, users can access streaming sites or video sharing websites through voice command, as well as easily search for content. Even with all these additions, rest assured that audio performance does not take a hit – in fact, the additional subwoofer results in a more resonant bass.