Transform Your Home Theatre Experience With This Sleek-Looking Soundbar


Audio systems in the past were all about function. But these days, advanced technology has allowed speakers and soundbars to boast streamlined forms without compromising on sound quality. One such product is the Samsung HW-NW700 soundbar. Created for homeowners who value aesthetics and functionality in equal measures, the sleekly-designed audio equipment is the perfect complement to any wall-mounted television, resulting in a stylish home entertainment suite.

Slim and sleek design
Measuring at 53.5mm in depth, the HW-NW700 soundbar is 41% slimmer than its predecessor, making it Samsung’s slimmest soundbar for 2018. As a complement to any wall-mounted TV, this decrease in size allows the soundbar to be seamlessly integrated into the living room. Additionally, the svelte design addresses the desire for a visually pleasing sound system, allowing the equipment to be viewed by homeowners as a piece of art as much as it is a television sound boosting bar.

Immersive listening experience
Despite its compact size, the HW-NW700 soundbar doesn’t compromise on performance. Dedicated to producing the optimum audio output, the slim audio equipment’s interior encompasses three speaker channels and a subwoofer which not only direct sounds towards the listener but around the room as well. Even without an external subwoofer, the resulting sound is dynamic and rich, providing a balanced and detailed audio output, all while perfectly complementing minimalist interiors.

Distortion-free zone
As a successor to the award-winning MS650 Sound+ model, the HW-NW700 soundbar has been incorporated with several sound-enhancing features. One such feature is the innovative distortion-cancelling technology. This smart function is designed to detect distortions that may occur during the time sound travels to the ends of the speakers and makes adjustments accordingly before it happens, leaving users with smooth, distortion-free bass tones.

Truly connected network
Homes are becoming increasingly smart, and this IOT-enabled soundbar wants you to take your connected living to the next level. Sync the soundbar to your mobile devices and tablets through Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi and you’ll be able to stream and enjoy music in top audio quality anywhere. Additionally, with Alexa compatibility, users can also control the soundbar hands-free using voice control.

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