5 Ways to Refresh Your Resale Flat


Renovating a resale flat can be daunting. You never quite know what the old homeowners left behind, ranging from cracked floors to outdated furnishings. If you’re feeling lost and in need of some inspiration, here are five ways you can refresh your resale flat.

Change the floors

Most HDB flats come with standard white or cream-coloured flooring tiles. While these are durable and suit a minimalist aesthetic, they can get dull over time and may not help your flat to look fresh and new. For a more lively and interesting look, consider overlaying this classic flooring option in the living areas with wooden planks or more colourful tiles.

SquareRooms White Tah Ching Road dining room warm cosy wooden

Image courtesy of WHITE

Open up the layout

Nothing makes a space feel brand new like a change in layout. Closed-off, dark flats especially will benefit from a more open arrangement. A popular option is combining the kitchen and living room by either hacking the entire wall or inserting a clear sliding door between the two areas. You can also combine your bathroom with the bedroom if you’re aiming for a more one-of-a-kind design.

SquareRooms Minimo Minimology HDB home earthy rustic living room resale flat

Image courtesy of Minimo Studio

Switch out the lighting

Don’t like the vibe of your resale flat? Switch out the lighting to create new focal points and draw the eye to your favourite features in the home. Directional lighting works particularly well for this, allowing you to rotate the lamps and spotlight artwork or unique furniture. Hidden strip lights are another great choice as they complement most lighting styles and add a sense of luxury into the mix.


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Create a new colour scheme

The best way to fully refresh your resale flat is to come up with your own colour scheme. You can play around with unusual colour combinations or go with something vibrant yet classic, like a series of earthy tones. Choose one or two accent colours and apply them to feature walls as well as a few decor elements and furniture pieces you wish to highlight.

SquareRooms D Marvel Scale living room earthy minimalist white colour

Image courtesy of D’Marvel Scale

Update built-ins and fittings

The last thing you want is to move into your new home and realise that the fittings and appliances that were left by the previous owners are at the end of their lifespan. Make sure to thoroughly check the state of all built-ins and fittings, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, and replace anything that’s broken or particularly outdated. For cabinets and other built-ins that are still usable, apply a new coat of paint and some eye-catching handles to give them a brand new look.


Image courtesy of Dan’s Workshop