These Bold Colour Combinations Will Make Your Kitchen Pop

Bored of the typical kitchen colours? Try something different with these bold colour combinations and make your kitchen stand out from the rest.

Dusty pink and black

Soothing yet vibrant, this combination is for those who like a sleek, elegant look with a bit of a bold edge. In order to keep your kitchen easy on the eyes, only apply the black colour to minor accents, such as your countertops, then create a contrast with a dusty pink backsplash.

squarerooms pink kitchen backsplash black countertop

Image courtesy of Hafary

Sea-green and brown

The ultimate choice for those who want a calming kitchen, these two colours go incredibly well together. To make your sea-green features the focal point of the kitchen, turn them into a striking cabinet wall, then complement them with wooden countertops.


Image courtesy of Versaform

Bold blue and red

This age-old combination is ideal if you’re looking to make your kitchen truly unforgettable. Consider blue subway tiles for your walls and red cabinets or countertops for the rest of the kitchen. Alternatively, red appliances, such as ovens and kettles, are fairly easy to come by and make for a more toned-down aesthetic.


Image courtesy of Joey Khu Interior Design

Dark grey and yellow

Want that super bold contrast in your kitchen? Nothing stands out quite as much as yellow and a dark shade like grey or black. We recommend opting for grey on larger areas, such as your walls and cabinets, but feel free to go darker on countertops and small accents.

squarerooms yellow dark black grey kitchen glossy cabinets

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Baby blue and orange

For a bright, uplifting kitchen, you can’t go wrong with a splash of orange. Add in some baby blue to lighten up the look and create a gentle contrast. Good to go!

squarerooms fifth avenue interior orange light blue kitchen design

Image courtesy of Fifth Avenue Interior