Spice Up Your Kitchen Design With the Mythos Metallic Kitchen Sinks and Faucets

Long-lasting and distinct, discover this premium collection of metallic kitchen sinks, faucets and accessories.

Striking a fine balance between aesthetics and functionality, the Mythos Masterpiece Collection by Franke brings you a range of premium kitchen sinks and matching faucets and accessories, elevating your kitchen with sophisticated metallic finishes.

The fabulous, durable Mythos kitchen sink

franke mythos masterpiece collection kitchen sink countertop built in metallic finish brass bronze gold faucet tap island

What’s special about the Franke Mythos Masterpiece Collection is that each bowl in the collection is not just nice to look at but also manufactured from hardwearing, hygienic stainless steel.

The hardy surface is then coated in a layer of the brand’s innovative F-Inox Technology, which is hydrophobic and oleophobic, meaning it repels water and oil and is thus much easier to clean! This coating also helps to prevent fingerprints and marks, ensuring it stays pristine for longer.

The sink also comes with a handy wire grid that stops pots and pans from scratching the bottom of the bowl, of course perfectly matching the finish of your choice.

Kitchen fittings in distinctive metallic finishes

With the Mythos Masterpiece Collection, you can craft a sophisticated and artful kitchen, choosing from a palette of three distinctive metallic finishes.

Opt for copper for something warm and contemporary, bold anthracite to lend your design a darker edge or gold for a classic look you can’t go wrong with.

Mix and match your kitchen sink, faucet and more

franke mythos masterpiece collection kitchen sink countertop built in metallic finish brass bronze gold faucet tap island

Complement your sink and round off your unique kitchen design with Franke’s matching fittings in the Mythos Masterpiece Collection.

These include the Atlas Neo and Eos Neo taps, as well as the Atlas soap dispenser and multiple components like overflows and push knobs, all available in the same trio of metallic finishes.

Match components in the same shade for a perfectly aligned look, or mix things up to create a bold and creative combination that’s uniquely yours.

Because every component is designed to coordinate seamlessly, there are endless ways to mix and match, resulting in a sophisticated, highly functional kitchen that suits your individual taste.

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