Plastic Predicament at National Museum of Singapore

Discover the fascinating world of plastic at National Museum of Singapore’s ‘Plastic: Remaking Our World’ Exhibition.

Dive into the complex yet captivating story of plastic in our modern world at the National Museum of Singapore’s latest exhibition, ‘Plastic: Remaking Our World.’ The showcase runs from January 27 to June 23 2024, makes its Asian debut right here in Singapore, offering a unique blend of history, innovation, and future possibilities.

Go on a journey from the dawn of the plastic age to the present day, exploring over 300 intriguing objects, films, and photographs. This exhibition, a collaboration between the Vitra Design Museum,  V&A Dundee and maat, Lisbon, not only delves into the global narrative of plastics but also integrates a local perspective, featuring Singapore’s own history with this versatile material.

‘Plastic: Remaking Our World’ is divided into three insightful sections, each shedding light on different aspects of plastic in society. From the early development of natural and synthetic plastics to the current debates around sustainability, this exhibition will challenge your perceptions and ignite discussions about the future of plastic use.

Interactive elements, including a sorting zone and an injection machine that turns waste plastic into household items, offer a hands-on experience for all ages. Discover familiar items like Barbie dolls and Bakelite appliances and see how they symbolise our complex relationship with plastic.

Be part of engaging educational programs, workshops, and activities designed for visitors of all ages. These include the Green Detective’s Challenge, experiential tours, and live demonstrations, all aiming to enhance understanding and inspire action toward a more sustainable future.

Get your tickets for ‘Plastic: Remaking Our World’ now and join the conversation about our plastic-filled world and the steps we can take towards a more sustainable future.