Here’s A Rare Peek Into A Jumbo HDB Home Decked Out In Luxurious Fittings


Before build-to-order flats were the new normal in Singapore, blocks of HDB units were actually built before they were sold. As a result, there was a massive oversupply of flats during the 1980s, which were mostly concentrated within the Woodlands estate. The Housing and Development Board responded to the oversupply by combining many of the unsold units into jumbo flats. These new accommodations were created by knocking down the wall between two adjacent 3-room and 4-room units.

Of late, these jumbo flats have increased in popularity amongst family units, and needless to say, there is a very limited number left in the market. As such, when this family of five came across this rare jumbo flat in Marsiling, they decided to seize the opportunity to make the space their home, and engaged Cadine Lim from design firm Prozfile to help with the renovation process.

With an affinity for a clean and simple interior concept, the designer employed the use of woods and whites for a bright and airy look. With the owners wanting to retain most of their furniture pieces – which were clad in soothing greys and earthy tans – from their previous home, the neutral hues ensure that all pre-existing and any new furniture will blend in well together.

In the living room, thoughtful design fixtures offer the family plenty of storage space to keep all of their necessities. For example, along with the home’s entryway, a series of newly constructed full-height cabinets help keep shoes and other bulky household accessories hidden from sight. Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the room, the television wall is fitted with a mixture of open shelves and closed cabinets that provide a landing spot for personal trinkets and knick-knacks.

The dining zone was furnished simply with just the essentials of a wood-accented dining table and accompanying chairs, creating a calm and stress-free eating experience. However, similar to the other rooms in the home, this space abounds with newly constructed storage units, which can be seen through floor-to-ceiling fixture next to the dining set as well as the dark wood cubbyholes further back.

As with every other household that cooks and host parties often, an open kitchen was in order. This meant that the partition walls that once hid the utilitarian zone away from the communal living areas had to come down. What remains now is a free-flowing space that makes entertaining easy. To provide a subtle demarcation between both places as well as to offer additional countertop space, an island unit was installed in the centre.

Meanwhile, an extended wood panel mounted above the countertop allows the island to serve a dual purpose. For example, the family can have breakfast and other casual meals over the wooden counter while food preparation is going on without fear of cross-contamination. Additionally, because of its frequent usage, the kitchen had to be designed with full functionality in mind. To cater to this, a plethora of storage cabinets surround the kitchen hob, which helps to keep cooking equipment and dining utensils in order when unused. In terms of material, the main laminates selected for the kitchen is in a plain white finish, keeping the space bright and airy despite the full-height cabinetry.

When it came to the homeowners’ private living chambers, the master bedroom was left simple and unembellished, resulting in a soothing, laidback vibe that is perfect for daily rest and repose. Besides enhancing the tranquillity of the space, the pristine white walls also serve as a backdrop to the bedroom’s brass- and wood-accented furnishings.

At the opposite end of the boudoir sits a series of full-height wardrobe units that provides a landing spot for the occupants’ clothing and accessory collection. Similar to the other built-in fixtures around the home, glossy white laminates were used in its construction, effectively maintaining seamless continuity both visually and in terms of design. Instead of fitting the wardrobe fronts with traditional handles that protrude out, the occupants access their daily wearables by opening the doors through recessed niches in the middle. “By having these handles flushed inwards, the storage unit looks cleaner and more streamlined as a whole,” Cadine explains.

For the home’s master bathroom and powder room, the designer utilised a similar design approach for both spaces, creating visually cohesive private sanctuaries. On the walls and floor, homogeneous marble tiles were used, which also inject the area with a luxurious hotel-esque ambience. In addition, thoughtful design additions help make the shower zone easy to use. For instance, the master en suite’s wet shower features an extended ledge at the back which can be used as a seat, as well as recessed niches next to the shower system that provides a spot for all necessary bathroom and shower essentials.

When taken as a whole, the revamped abode certainly comes off as a cohesive and spacious living environment, where every corner of the home is a haven that the family can enjoy spending time with each other in.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the February 2019 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Prozfile