Steal Some Clever Interior Inspo From This Scandi-Chic HDB Maisonette


As far as the Nordic-inspired look goes, it is all about clean lines and light wood accents. This two-storey resale unit sings a different tune with a fresh interpretation of the Scandinavian theme. Modernity has been added to the mix and symmetrical patterns thrown in for good measure. Helming the renovation is senior designer Sean Lee from Richfield Integrated who completely refreshed this 10-year-old flat.

“We introduced several key looks into the space”, says Sean. That is prominent at the front entrance where a striking pattern of porcelain tiles on the floor sets this unit apart from its neighbours. The symmetrical pattern is carried into the newly-configured kitchen where the line-up of tiles serves as a visual marker to separate the cooking space from the other communal zones. “The old kitchen was enclosed”, says Sean, “but we hacked away the walls.” Now transformed into an open-concept space, the kitchen offers the flexibility of functioning either as an integrated or separate area with its metal bi-fold door and windows.

The symmetrically patterned tiles appear on the staircase landing as well and add a good punch of visual appeal to the parquet steps. “The staircase was actually the most challenging part of the renovation”, reveals Sean. “It took a while for us to change the railings from a vertical to a horizontal application.”

Besides the porcelain tiles, the lavish use of CraftStone is noticeable on the lower level. Cladding the kitchen entrance, staircase wall and the living area, the red brick walls serve as backdrops of perfectly balanced proportions. It doesn’t overwhelm or underwhelm and this organic harmony is noteworthy in the living area. Black shelving and hidden storage concealed behind tic tac cabinet doors are integrated with the CraftStone panels as one elongated feature wall.

Upstairs, the configuration of the original bedrooms has been altered significantly. The master bedroom has been merged with a common bedroom and the two bathrooms combined to form an expanded suite. For the master bedroom and its newly-integrated walk-in wardrobe, Sean worked in a sliding door to separate the two areas. The walk-in ensuite sports an open system of shelving and storage solutions and this was done to the homeowners’ liking. He explains: “They prefer the open concept of accessing everything at a glance.”

For the upsized bathroom, it was expanded so there is room for the bathtub. The dry zone has also been fitted with double to emulate an indulgent spa-like atmosphere. With the solid surface sink countertop sitting on open storage slots below, the setup is streamlined and highly functional. Warm lighting from the recessed lights and pendant lights complete the picture of a spa haven.

While most of the space has been gutted and refurbished, Sean retained the original parquet flooring to save costs. The only thing that was done to the wood flooring in the master bedroom was to have it sanded and re-polished to look good as new. It pairs well with the painted blue feature wall which adds a friendly dash of colour to the modern Scandinavian theme.

With his fresh and bold design approach, Sean has conceived a Scandinavian style that is aesthetically interesting and yet remains true to the trademark Nordic look. The homeowners have also added their own creative stamp by styling their space with eclectic buys from Bangkok. The result is a home that is serene, striking and constantly evolving with their style preferences.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Disa Tan published in the January 2018 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Richfield Integrated