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What Is Your New Scandi Style?
What do you like best about the Scandinavian style?

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The 5 Essential Questions You Should Ask Before Renovating Your Home
As the spaces that we spend most of our time in, homes are undeniably an important part of our lives, which also makes it essential that they are designed to suit our personal preferences and daily needs. So read on, and take note of these 5 important pre-renovation questions that will
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Essential HDB Renovation Advice Direct From The Experts
The HDB flat has been a source of housing for Singapore's general populace since the ‘60s. It has evolved over the years with different form and facade, flat types and layouts – and lately, altering Singapore’s urban landscape with high rise BTO buildings that cater mainly to new homeowners. However, renovating
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5 Valuable Staging Tips To Prepare Your Home For Sale
It may be time to move to a sparkling new home, but is your old abode ready to be sold? A messy apartment that is falling apart of the seams is hardly a pleasant sight, and this can affect your chances of sealing the deal on a sale. Therefore, tiresome
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8 HDB Flats To Get Your Reno Inspiration From
From industrial-inspired living spaces to Nordic style abodes, the modern-day home is an expression of personal style as much as it is a roof over one's head. However, finding that special look for your dwelling is often a test of one's creativity and imagination. For this reason, we present 8 stunning HDB
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4 Smart Gadgets For A More Efficient Home
Ours is a smart city, filled with emerging technologies that aim to streamline our everyday lives. We chase the latest Apple product, get excited over the latest operating system. And now, household gadgets are also moving along with the times. Here are some high-tech gizmos you can consider to make
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5 Things To Note When You Visit A Showflat
Just like shopping for a new car, a common pre-purchase ritual that most prospective homeowners go through is to visit a property showroom. Yet, simply making the trip down to one and viewing it seldom yields all the information necessary for making a purchasing decision. The reason behind this is
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A Guide To Choosing Bathroom Fittings For Your New Home
The bathroom is one of those spaces in the home that is used frequently. As such, you'd want to outfit this utilitarian zone with functional, quality fittings that are durable and easy to maintain. With so many choices of bathroom fittings available out there, choosing the right one can be
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5 Important Facts To Note About Getting A Home Reno Loan In Singapore
When it comes to owning a dream home in Singapore, things are not as simple. With property prices expected to climb in the foreseeable future, heftier costs for a personal space will only mean less cash on hand to give your hard-earned home a stylish makeover. However, it never hurts to get some
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Gas Hob Vs. Induction Hob: Which One Is Best For Your Kitchen?
For any food enthusiast who loves cooking at home, no kitchen is complete without the combination of a hob and hood, and for good reason. The former is essential for heating up or keeping food warm, whereas the latter is needed for removing unwanted fumes and grease that can result
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