Essential Kitchen Appliances Every Busy Homeowner Should Have


Out in the morning, back at night – busy homeowners seldom have time to whip up meals on weekdays, let alone fiddle around with a bunch of small appliances when a large one could definitely do the job. In a bit to help these owners save time on cooking and storing produce, we have sussed out some of the most essential appliances of the large variety that will make cooking a breeze, as well as store the products and dishes easily.

For smart storage: Refrigerator
Fridges are a must-have in all kinds of homes. From aiding in storage and organising your kitchen, to freezing or cooling your various marinades before you get to cooking, it can do wonders for busy homeowners. Two of our favourites below.

Samsung Family Hub
Yes, “simple” and “smart” seldom go hand-in-hand when it comes to appliances, with smart-branded devices often confusing their owners. However, Samsung’s Family Hub seeks to change that concept – working towards simplifying the processes in the kitchen, the Hub is able to manage food in the home from shopping, to storage, and to meal preparation. Homeowners can track food expiry date, set reminders for groceries and look for recipes catered to individual needs by using accompanying apps, which makes planning simple and efficient.


Bosch VarioStyle Freezer Fridge
While a refrigerator’s main purpose is to neatly store your fresh produce, Bosch has created one that can also serve as a style statement about your kitchen. This slim option – suitable for narrow HDB homes – comes in 19 colours that can be fitted onto the doors without too much effort. Its aesthetically pleasing design is, of course, not its only draw. With the Vitafresh system, it offers an ideal temperature and humidity level for different zones of the fridge – the top is best suited for meat and fish due to its low humidity, while the lower areas are optimised for fruits and vegetables. You wouldn’t have to worry about any bad smells or products spoiling early!


For preparing large meals: Ovens
Ovens can make the cooking process pretty hands-free, and the larger ones would be able to bake everything you need at once. You won’t have to bother about running from pan to pan to get every dish up to speed when you’re strapped for time!

Tecno Upsized 73L Multi-Function Jumbo Built-in Oven
Tecno’s latest range, the Tecno Upsized 73L Multi-Function Jumbo Built-in Oven, fits this requirement perfectly. The dark-tinted sleek offering has an extensive capacity of 73 litres, one of the largest options that are over 25 per cent larger than the usual market picks. In addition, the oven also offers automatic pre-set cooking through a digital programmer and a large viewing window so one can check on the progress of their meals with ease.


For fuss-free cooking: Cooker Hood and Hob
Every kitchen needs, and has the space for, cooker hoods and hobs. The most efficient ones can streamline the cooking process seamlessly through its easy-to-use functions – here are some of our picks.

Franke Smart Deco Cooker Hood
While its attractive colour chord is no doubt the first thing homeowners eye, the Franke Smart Deco Cooker Hood also carries with it a wide range of functions that makes it appealing for the busy chef. The panel on it is intuitive and easy to operate, offering three power levels for removing cooking fumes. As an energy-efficient appliance – it carries the rating of A ­– the Franke Smart Deco Cooker Hood prides itself on low energy consumption and environmental impact.


Gaggenau Full Surface Induction Cooktop
If gas hobs aren’t your thing, you can opt for Gaggenau’s induction cooktop. The full surface covers a full expanse of 2800cm2, which can be used in its entirety as a large cooking zone. A smart appliance, it is able to sense the pan types and provide the correct amount of heat, regardless of its position. Furthermore, it uses a large TFT touch screen to display its cookware, so that homeowners can keep an eye on the cooking dishes at all times.


Tecno 70cm 2-Burner Induction Ceramic Hybrid Hob
Can’t decide between induction or ceramic electric hobs? Get a two-in-one version with Tecno’s 70cm 2-Burner Induction Ceramic Hybrid Hob. This unique model allows for minimised energy loss through the induction zone, while the more traditional materials of cookware such as claypot and copper can still be used in the ceramic side – allowing cooks to be flexible in their dish choices. Definitely worth the investment if you’d like the options in cooking!


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