This Pocket Spring Mattress Is Made With Moisture Wicking Fabric To Help You Sleep Easy

A good night’s sleep is what our body needs in order to repair and heal itself after the stresses of the day. But just how do you ensure that you get your best sleep night after night? Well, by getting yourself a good and reliable mattress that checks all of your boxes, of course!

A local mattress brand on a mission, Hennsley aims to provide quality bedding products at competitive prices that improve users’ lives, well-being and most importantly, quality of sleep. Under both the Classic and Premium collections, the company offers a range of mattresses that suit varying sleeping patterns and comfort levels.

One such mattress is the Caribea, which is part of Hennsley’s Premium series. Fitted with an extra padding on top that provides additional comfort, the pillow-top model’s Standard Compact Pocketed InnerspringSystem is further enhanced with a seven-zone sleep system. By dividing the mattress into seven sections – head and neck, shoulders, hips and pelvis, knees, lower legs and feet – users are offered a more consistent and everybody supports throughout the night.

Worried about Singapore’s humidity ruining your sleep? The Caribea model also features a specially treated fabric called Coolmax, a type of moisture-wicking technical fabric that is engineered to improve “breathability”, making it cooler to sleep on when compared to mattresses with natural fibres like cotton.

In addition, the mattress’ non-slip mattress base pad will keep your mattress and bed sheets in place, translating into a much easier process when making your bed in the morning or when you’re replacing your sheets. Perhaps the best feature about the mattress is that it comes with a 10-year full warranty on the innerspring system. This means that should you uncover any issues with the innerspring, Hennsley will do an exchange, no questions asked.

For a totally indulgent sleep experience, you don’t have to look any further than Hennsley, whose range of well-designed bedding products are the ideal choice for that all-important nightly slumber.

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