This Stylish Range Hood Is Perfect For Homeowners Looking To Jazz Up Their Kitchen


Over the years, as interior design evolves and decor trends change, design-savvy homeowners have started viewing their kitchens as a creative living space. This change has since given rise to many households placing a higher emphasis on the utilitarian zone’s aesthetic appeal, in addition to its functionality. Taking this into account, Swiss kitchen system specialist Franke has expanded their product line to include the Smart Deco range hood.

Specifically designed for the modern, urban audience, this new eye-catching model boasts a unique truncated cone shape that brings life and adds a playful design element to any kitchen. But its distinctive design aside, the range hood also boasts a wide variety of practical features. For instance, the intuitive knob control makes the hood easy to operate, while a powerful yet energy efficient 3W LED lighting strip located in front of the filter offers even illumination of the stove top. Additionally, the hood’s smooth surface makes cleaning a breeze with just a wet wipe, and the filters are easily removable and can be conveniently placed in the dishwasher for fuss-free maintenance.


In terms of performance, the hood offers three different power levels for extracting cooking fumes. But no matter at a high or low speed, they actually only operate at an unobtrusive hum of 68 decibels, which is attributed to a high-quality, soundproof body construction. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the hoods also register at an excellent Class A energy efficiency rating. What’s more, the Smart Deco hoods are available in seven stunning shades, which are complementary with other colourful kitchen accessories and components from Franke’s extensive range of products. So whether you’re in the mood for subtle hues of light blues and greys, or stronger tones of mustard yellow and dusty green, Franke is here to help you create a totally fresh and unique cooking space that perfectly expresses your personal flair.

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