Save Time Whipping Up Your Favourite Dishes With This Innovative Hybrid Hob


It can be quite the dilemma when choosing the ideal hob for the kitchen. Whether it is induction, gas or ceramic, these cooktops all have their pros and cons. There is no denying the fact that induction hobs are becoming more and more popular with young homeowners. They are quick to heat up, energy efficient and safe to use. Thanks to induction technology, only the surface of the pot or pan is heated, which minimises energy loss. Induction hobs are also safe because the burner itself does not heat up, resulting in less risk of burning oneself.

Despite these benefits, however, there are some drawbacks to induction hobs. One of these is that induction hobs are compatible only with specific cookware that are able to conduct induction heat.

Another type of electric-powered  hob is the vitro-ceramic hob. Equipped with heating coils beneath the glass that warm the cooktop, ceramic hobs are compatible with most cookware.


Tecno’s new TH283HB two-burner induction-ceramic hybrid hob gives you the best of both worlds as it comes with an induction burner on one side and a vitro-ceramic burner on the other. The induction burner, which is the winner of the Best Hybrid Hob category in this year’s SquareRooms Awards: Kitchen Edition, provides you with quick and efficient heating at the touch of a button – especially useful for boiling water or frying – while the vitro-ceramic burner on the other side gives you the flexibility to use the cookware of your choice. Designed with a flat and seamless SCHOTT ceramic glass surface, maintaining this hybrid burner is a breeze too. All you need to do is to wipe it down after every cook for a clean cooking zone.

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