Handy Little Tools Every Kitchen Needs


The kitchen is like a treasure trove – all kinds of appliances line the shelves and counters, some more used than others, but each one necessary to create the homemade delights that chefs whip up for the whole family and more. Aside from the must-haves such as stoves, ovens and refrigerators, it’s the little things that can make a difference to what homeowners can serve. Here are some of the handiest little helpers that we feel all homeowners should own.

Thinking about adding something crisp to your dishes, but don’t want to deal with oil on the stove? Consider an airfryer. Not only is it supposedly a healthier alternative to deep-frying, but your food will also come out as fried as you want it with less oil stains in the process. And there is no other brand who does it better than Philips, who has introduced the Philips Avance Collection Airfryer XXL. Coming with the brand’s latest fat removal Twin TurboStar technology, the fryer can extract up to 90 per cent of the fat on a whole chicken in one cooking session.


Beverages are often a must-have during meals, and to even start on the simplest, one needs to have a kettle. Smeg has joined hands with luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana to create the Sicily is My Love line, which includes a lovely 1.7 litre kettle. Decorated in Sicilian triangle motifs and featuring brightly-coloured fruits, this boiler will be sure to add a splash of colour to your kitchen – and would look fancy as a dining table centrepiece when entertaining guests.


Coffee maker
Mornings just aren’t right if you don’t get your cuppa joe. Have one easily at home with the Nespresso Essenza Mini Machine, bundled together with the Aeroccino3 milk frother. The brand’s smallest coffeemaker, the Essensa Mini Machine is extremely light at 2.3kg and compact enough to fit in narrow spaces. It can also heat up within 25 seconds and allows one to pick between making an espresso or lungo (short black). Meanwhile, those who require milk in their morning cuppa would be pleased with the speedy, automatic Aeroccino3, which brews creamy hot or cold milk with ease.


Apart from baking and frying, steaming is a popular option for chefs, and you can do so in a fuss-free manner with WMF’s Kitchenminis Steamer. Stacking two 2.15 litre compartments together so as to take up less space, the steamer is able to cook up a full meal with just one button. Check how your food is being cooked through the LCD screen, and keep your favourite recipes in the steamer through the adjustable cooking times with memory.


Perfect for your all-in-one cooking needs, multicookers are able to get dishes done through all kinds of methods, from slow cooking to sautéing. Our pick is the Philips HD2145 All-in-One Multicooker, which offers a dual control system that can control the temperature and keep meals warm for 12 hours. Never miss a meal with the multicooker’s 24-hour pre-set timer.


Your breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a crispy toast to go with coffee and spreads. If you’re picky about the crunch, pick up the Bodum Bistro Toaster – browning and temperature settings can be controlled with defrost and cancel buttons. The appliance also offers ease of use – adjustable grates hold onto the toast securely and the crumb tray can be removed effortlessly to clean.


Love baking? You’re going to need mixers – particularly the one from KitchenAid’s Artisan Series. The 4.8-litre stainless steel mixing bowl of the KitchenAid Artisan Mixer 4.8L comes with a comfortable handle and 10-speed settings to customise how you wish to combine your ingredients. The power hub also allows a variety of optional attachments to be added – be it food grinders, pasta makers or more, you would definitely be able to find a use for mixers.


Sauces and purees may seem niche, but homemade ones can go a long way to accentuating your meals. Blenders come into play for this – whether you’re looking for creamy, crunchy or minced, they’re sure to come in handy. And none are more so than Smeg’s Hand Blender, styled after the 50s Style line. With an ergonomic grip that prevents slipping, this durable device would able to grind up what you need through 700 W motor. Even the toughest products will be mashed up just how you like it with this handheld gadget!


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