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What Is Your New Scandi Style?
What do you like best about the Scandinavian style?

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The 3 Types Of Fans You Need At Home To Keep Cool
A modern ceiling fan The Relite Column Black and Column Light Walnut ceiling fans retailing at Khind Systems, are a series of home appliances where functionality meets modernity. Available in 52-inches, the ceiling fans boast a bigger cover area. With up to 200 revolutions per minute (RPM), the fans provide a
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5 Easy Ways To Update Your Industrial-Style Home
The industrial style has been trending for a few years now. And it’s still going strong and has no signs of slowing down. It seems homeowners can’t have enough of brick walls, gritty finishes, galvanised furniture, chalkboard surfaces and exposed conduits. We love this pared-back, utility-focused look as much as
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A One-Step DIY Project That Adds Instant Style To Your Home
Who needs customised stone overlays or granite slabs when you can achieve the stone-veneer look instantly with textured spray paint? Rock new decor looks with this one-step DIY project. Rock a new clock  [caption id="attachment_4493" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Featuring (from left) Vila candlestick, $95, Victorian cat sculpture, $80, tealight holder, $10
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Extraordinary Feature Wall And Flooring Ideas That Will Transform Your Home
Sure, a home needs to be practical. But that doesn't mean that it has to be boring. Injecting some high impact wall and flooring treatments into your space will set it apart from the ordinary. Paint some interesting graphic feature onto your wall While a bedroom, or any room for that
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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Proud Of Your Home
You spend a lot of time at home Aside from the office, your home is where you’ll be spending the most time in! While most of the time is spent sleeping, it’s always nice to start the day when you wake up in a comfortable environment that you’re proud of.
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An Essential Guide To Scandinavian Decor Style
A perennial favourite among homeowners here, the “Scandinavian” design is a term we throw around a lot. But what does this style really constitute and mean? Propagated in the 1950s, as part of the movement for Nordic design that favours affordability and functionality over abundance and opulence, the Scandinavian style
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Top 5 Interior Design Styles In Singapore
Deciding on your interior design style can be overwhelming. After all, you’d want to live in a comfortable yet stylish home that you can be proud of. Think about your personal style and your space requirement. To get you started, here are the top 5 interior design styles in Singapore.
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Easy Dip-Dyed Home Decor Projects To Do This Weekend
Cushion cover  Why purchase a ready-made dip-dyed cushion cover when creating your own is this easy? Fill a plastic tray with water and stir in some fabric dye. You can dip a piece of scrap fabric into the dye bath to test the intensity of the colour first. Holding the
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10 Backsplash Ideas For A Stylish Kitchen
Kitchen backsplashes need to be safe and practical, but you’re definitely not limited when it comes to material choices. Patterned tiles Use colourful tiles and playful shapes to make your kitchen a unique space. These batik-inspired tiles let you infuse your space with a hint of Asian heritage. [caption id="attachment_4285"
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