This Stylish Fridge Will Adapt to Your Household’s Evolving Needs


So you want a well-designed fridge that looks stylish and can adapt to your household’s evolving needs? Look no further than the Freestanding refrigerators from Fisher & Paykel, imbued with ActiveSmart Foodcare technology.

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We all use our kitchen in different ways—whether you’re a weekend gourmet or weekday culinary, you need a kitchen that is both stylish and functional. Since the fridge is a key component of every kitchen, it’s very important to get this choice right. Fisher & Paykel’s range of Freestanding refrigerators offers different configurations to suit every kitchen and lifestyle. Beautifully crafted using quality materials, they feature clean lines and flat doors for a modern yet timeless appeal.

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Designed to fit the needs of a busy lifestyle, Freestanding refrigerators give absolute convenience and flexibility of placement. With counter-depth measurements, they perfectly align with cabinetry for a seamless, built-in appearance. At the heart of these fridges is Fisher & Paykel’s innovative ActiveSmart Foodcare technology.

The refrigerator is one of the most opened doors in the household—just think about the number of times in a day you reach into your fridge for a snack, drink, or frozen treat. To counteract ambient air entering and the cold air escaping, ActiveSmart technology reacts and adapts to how you live. This not only improves refrigerator performance but also keeps your food fresher for longer.

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For absolute ease of use, Fisher & Paykel have designed their fridges with generous storage options to suit the changing needs of your family. In addition to adjustable shelves, convenient storage bins give you full access inside and are easily removed for cleaning.

Since fruit and vegetables have different storage needs, humidity control slides in each storage bin create the ideal microclimate needed to preserve maximum freshness and flavour. Premium looks with smart technology to match? This is exactly what you need.

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