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What Is Your New Scandi Style?
What do you like best about the Scandinavian style?

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9 Kitchen Essentials Every Home Chef Needs
If you spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room in your home, you'll appreciate these practical, versatile and tasteful items to equip your hardworking kitchen. An efficient blender  [caption id="attachment_5902" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Breville Kinetix Control blender[/caption] Featuring a bowl-hugging blade system that pulls down your ingredients of
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5 Reasons Why The TV Is Still The Ultimate Home Entertainment Device
Mobile devices and computers are becoming more and more synonymous with home entertainment, especially with the plethora of alternative streaming services available now. But we think that television is still the ultimate home entertainment device. Read on to find out why. Immersive viewing experience Cinemas were considered the only place
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Effortless Spring Cleaning Tips For The New Year
Now that the festive celebrations are coming to a close, a thorough spring-cleaning session is in order to get your place back into its original form. Here are some tips on how to quickly achieve balance in the post-Christmas chaos and just in time for the New Year. Greasy build-up on a kitchen
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Top Reasons Why The Dulux Colour Play Tester Is A Great Tool For A Quick Home Makeover
AkzoNobel has yet again produced a couple of innovative technologies – the Dulux Visualizer App and the new Dulux Colour PlayTM Tester. Now you can get paint in a form of a palm-sized mini roller to test out colours on your wall before painting the desired colour. Discover your dream wall
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6 Things To Consider When Buying A TV For Your Home
The television, the one device that you rely on for news and entertainment is being constantly updated. And it begs the question: just how does one go about picking out the best all-in-one entertainment system? Does size matter? If you enjoy immersive TV viewing, then size is definitely an important
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Here's Everything You Need To Know Before Renovating Your Home
Learn from the best interior experts before renovating your abode – you never know when you need fresh ideas or a fallback plan! Utilise your space well with customised pieces and built-in fittings Image credit: Space Factor “In an open-concept home, we’re challenged to create subtle yet distinct differences, especially between
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5 Things To Know Before Buying Customised Furniture For Your Home
While customised furniture is nothing new in the industry, the level of customisation services currently offered by furniture retailers is a lot more intricate and will get you closer to the best results. This service is also becoming increasingly accessible and affordable, and definitely constitutes as a viable option for
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Create More Space At Home With These 5 Space-Enhancing Tips
Yes, you can live it up in a small space. Here are some no-fail design tricks to make a tiny floor plan look and feel larger. Take down walls and doors to free up space  By taking down the boundary walls in the communal zones, the amount of light and air
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4 Reasons Why A Minimalist Home Is Perfect For You
A minimalist-style home is organised, uncluttered and peaceful. Here are 4 reasons why it may be your cup of tea. You can't stand the sight of mess A minimalist home organised and clean. But you don’t have to give up your material possessions completely – simply hide your things away with
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