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What Is Your New Scandi Style?
What do you like best about the Scandinavian style?

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For Sellers: Should You Get A Housing Agent?
For sellers, one of the more important factors to consider is whether you want to sell your property yourself, or find a housing agent. So, should you get a housing agent involved? On one hand, you have to consider the commission (a good 2% excluding GST) they’re taking, and on
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7 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive
The truth is, the luxe life is all about illusions and with a few tips and tricks, you just might have what it takes to fake it till you make it. Gold accents Image Credit We’re not talking about solid gold here, so worry not. Spray-painted gold paint and gold-plated
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Dreamy Canopy Beds You Can DIY For Your Room
Entirely doable on just a weekend alone, these DIY canopy beds are a cinch to achieve on your own. Lending a definitive touch of grandeur to your bedroom, these canopies also give extra privacy… should you need some. No-drill canopy beds Image Credit The easiest, low-fuss way to make a
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8 Ways To Save On Your Home Moving Cost
Collect Packing Materials Or opt for recycled boxes from your movers. They generally shave off a portion of cost that could go into many other essential things later. Another option is to start making like a hoarder and start saving boxes from new things you’re getting for your new place,
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How A Centrepiece Can Change Your Dining Table
Most of us take centrepieces for granted, reserving it for weddings and special occasions. Truth of the matter is, centrepieces play a much bigger part in home decor as is any other type of furniture. Centre of attention Add a simple centrepiece and instantly, you’ll be granted with an feature that
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6 Beautiful Home Renovations Under $50,000
We showcase the renovations of 6 homes that were transformed for $50,000 or less. Check out how you can do the same. Budget: $35,000 The new occupants of this condominium unit, a married couple with two young kids and a newborn, saw that this 10-year-old apartment needed only some sprucing
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What You Need To Know Before Installing A Sliding Door
Sliding doors are becoming increasingly favoured these days for their space-saving ability. They take up less space and do not obstruct walkways when left open. Adding to their popularity is the style factor; gone are the days of glass panels that go rickety on a bottom track. We have rounded
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Free Space Intent - Partners In Design
It would be hard to imagine two people more different than Raymond Seow and Jeffrey Lin. The two founders of interior design firm Free Space Intent (FSI) are as different as night and day. Design director Raymond has a playful and spirited personality that is highly infectious. “I’m still a
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Poetus - Poets Of Design
Poetus was established in early 2015, but in order to understand how it came to be, one has to go all the way back to when Jack Ng and Wein Goh, founders of this interior design firm, were still students at Singapore Polytechnic. The pair struck a friendship when they
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