Here’s A New Trendy Cafe In Town To Get Your Daily – Or Nightly – Shot Of Caffeine


Since the successful launch of their first standalone coffee bar in Asia, the brains behind The Affogato Bar has now opened its doors to their all-new sophomore concept, The Affogato Lounge. Much like their sister outlet, this new establishment specializes in alcoholic-infused affogatos, micro-batch ice cream as well as hearty Italian bites.


Located within the iconic shophouses along Keong Saik Road, The Affogato Lounge joins a line-up of exciting dining options available for both locals, tourists and guests who have set up temporary residency at KēSa House. Beyond the turquoise facade of the building, The Affogato Lounge can be found in the same space as the boutique accommodation’s lobby. As such, the interior of the lounge has been artfully designed with geometric wood-panelling and mood lighting to fit in with the overall contemporary concept.


Ideal for the humid climate of Singapore, The Affogato Lounge serves up specialty coffee blends that have been paired with a scoop of ice cream and made into a unique affogato creation. Unique to this outlet is the first ever Asian-inspired affogato dessert, Coco Black ($17). This pulut hitam affogato is served with kayak bread pudding, fresh coconut ice cream and drizzled with Empire, the flagship espresso blend from Ozone Coffee Roasters. In addition to this, the lounge is also home to their debut alcoholic affogato named Tiramisu ($20). In this unique deconstructed take on the traditional Italian dessert, a deep, smooth and dark roast is poured over the sweet, creamy mascarpone, crunchy ladyfingers and dark espresso ice cream to lend a hint of dark chocolate and muscovado sugar to complete the taste.


Affogato Tiramisu

Catering to the laidback culture of Keong Saik, the lounge serves up a curated selection of coffee and tea cocktails which features star beverages Bruno ($20), a velvety cocktail made up of rum, maple and espresso, and Ashen ($20), which is a combination of Singaporean tea brand Pryce Tea’s Collyer Quay, a liquid-gold blend of Lapsang Souchong and Assam black tea, citrus and bourbon whiskey.



Alongside their decadent desserts and beverages, the lounge offers a selection of savoury food items such as paninis, bowls and baked quiches. Diners who are looking for a warm and hearty meal can look forward to recommended dishes which include the Duck Croque Monsieur Panini ($16), Italian Couscous Tuna Bowl ($15) and Blue Swimmer Crab Quiche ($13).

The Affogato Lounge
Keong Saik Road
#01-02 KēSa House, 55