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Get All Your Party Supplies For The Festive Season Here
Throwing a housewarming party or in the midst of planning a big bash for the festive season? Dreams Establishment’s boutique arm, Dreams & Confetti, has you covered. Nestled in the picturesque retail and lifestyle hotspot of Dempsey Hill, its new compact-but-cosy 300-square foot space boasts top quality party essentials and
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Decor Inspiration From A Retro-Chic Eatery
For the uninitiated, Mookata is a Thai barbeque steamboat that has gained a fair bit of attention from the local foodies. With its grilled succulent meats and vegetables stewing in flavoured broth, the iconic Thai fare makes for great comfort food. Tom Yum Kungfu replicates the energetic street scene of
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This Woman Gives Traditional Textiles A New Spin
We caught up with Malaysia-based entrepreneur Franki Turner, the founder of Frankitas to find out how her love for traditional textiles grew into a vibrant business that pays tribute to weavers around the world. Tell us how Frankitas came about It really came about with me being tired of the
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4 Colour Trends To Decorate Your Home With Now
From trendy neutrals to therapeutic brights, here are the 4 colour  trends to add that much-needed punch to your interiors. 1. Edgy neutrals Yes, neutrals are no longer hiding behind the shadows and are standing out loud and proud. There is a certain tonal effect which separates the usual suspects from the pack
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Check Out This Store If You Love Scandi And Industrial Decor
The mid-century Scandinavian interior trend is becoming a perennial favourite with Singaporean homeowners. And it makes sense because this style of furniture and furnishings tend towards simplicity and functionality. The compact sizes of Scandinavian design also translate well into apartment living. If you think this aesthetic is perfect for your
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Meet The Co-Founder Of Contemporary Lifestyle Brand Akar de Nissim
Hoping to represent a fusion of styles - Asian and European (and now, international), ancient and contemporary, masculine and feminine – founders Marianne Fabre and Richard Le Sand created the fictional character of Akar de Nissim, a 50-year old dandy. We spoke to Marianne to find out more. How did your brand
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5 Reasons Why Design Lovers Should Check Out Potato Head Hong Kong
Combining food, design and music in one address, Potato Head Hong Kong is the city’s latest hipster playground. Here are 5 reasons why any self-confessed trendsetter should check it out. The Sou Fujimoto-designed space is a great example of how traditional and contemporary design can co-exist Evoking a residential space that meshes local
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Meet A Calligraphy Artist Who Keeps The Art Of Penmanship Alive
We caught up with Clarence Wee, the calligraphy artist behind homegrown studio, Craft Varies, to find out more about his novel company. Tell us about Craft Varies Craft Varies specialises in calligraphy and handcrafted work, including handwritten invitations, envelopes, sign painting and calligraphic art pieces. Craft Varies also works closely
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Bid For One-Of-A-Kind Pieces At This Furniture Store
Itching to take part in an auction to bag exclusive furniture but worried about burning a hole in your pocket? No worries, HotLotz, Singapore’s first auction house dedicated to vintage furnishings, has you covered. Its sizeable showroom at Lower Delta Road is filled to the brim with affordable art and
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