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Appliances Get Smart
Imagine being able to convert your freezer into a refrigerator whenever you need to. Or switch off a section of your refrigerator completely when you are on vacation. You can do all that and more with Samsung’s newest range of top-mounted freezer-refrigerators, the RT6000 (from $1,399), which features the Korean
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Art Attack
Jon Burgerman, a leading figure in the doodle art movement, has launched a new fabric collection for British fabric label Kirby Design. Titled “The World of Jon Burgerman”, the series features a world of creatures, characters and shapes drawn by the artist using paints, crayons, ink, marker pens and paper
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Discovering Cosentino
In October, we were invited by Cosentino to visit their industrial park in Almeria, a part of Spain so obscure no one really knows where it is exactly. We explored the vast factories of Silestone and Dekton, the two surface materials produced under Cosentino. While the former was one of their first products and a response to
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SquareRooms Home Search 2015 – Recap
It’s a wrap for the SquareRooms Home Search 2015! With this being the first Home Search we've ever held, the competition attracted a remarkable number of outstanding entries, surpassing initial expectations. Submissions officially closed on 16 August, and the team got down to work. From 1 to 4 September, the
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