Richfield | Scandi Chic | Lakeholmz at Jurong

A storage-and-display solution is optimised to provide new functionality without compromising a sleek, clean look for this apartment.


Space: 4-bedroom condominium unit
Size: Approx 1,776 square feet
Location: Lakeholmz at Jurong
Home to: 2 adults, 2 child
Designer: Yan at Richfield Integrated
Reno Period: 6 weeks

Living room
Before the renovations, there was no proper storage space nor any display cabinets to showcase the family’s collection of personal memorabilia. A storage-and-display solution was thus designed to provide new functionality while also providing an uncluttered and sleek look. Flat-panel cabinet doors were added to have items to be placed out of sight. Additionally, a display cabinet with glass panels keep the memorabilia visible yet dust-free.
Further storage-and-display cabinets are added as part of this dining space, which is an extension from the living area. The overall design concept remains consistent, where a combination of white and dark bold finishes is used to add a contrasting depth. This approach gives the area a more contemporary vibe instantaneously.
From an all-white and dull look previously, the kitchen’s elongated layout is further played up, where lofty storage units are partially decked in white glossy finishes for easier cleaning after some heavy cooking. Maintenance also becomes more manageable with white matted tile finishing. Wood grained finishes are used for the bottom cabinet doors, while dark quartz material is used for the kitchen countertop to complete a modern Scandinavian look.
Study room
To fully maximise space within the apartment, a bedroom is converted to a study room with light neutrals chosen. All cabinets and the writing desk are flushed to the walls to visually enlarge the area and walking depth.
A personal oasis is created here, where elegant marble accents, shiny metal hardware and a minimalistic sconce are utilised. The cabinets are further matched in light, neutral combinations, and a matte laminate finishing for more water resistance.

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This post was adapted from an article originally published in the February 2020 issue of SquareRooms.