3 Things You Need To Know Before Moving House

Moving into a new home can be complicated. From inspecting new rooms to packing up old belongings, each task brings along unique challenges which can prove stressful even for seasoned movers. Be that as it may, here are some useful suggestions and tools that will surely make your relocation an easier and more efficient affair.

  1. Organise, not agonise
    It is often said that preparation is the key to success. Moving homes is no exception to this rule as it involves working out travel routes, relocating boxes of belongings, and a multitude of miscellaneous tasks. Fortunately, given adequate planning, you can make the entire process a lot simpler.

    • Create labels for each cardboard box for a more orderly transition. Not only will this help in keeping track of your belongings, labels with messages such as “fragile” or “handle with care” will allow movers to identify delicate items.
    • If unpacking furniture is a pain, then arranging them is a nightmare. However, this problem can be easily prevented by outlining a suitable layout before moving in. Try out IKEA’s Planner Tools for a fuss-free organising experience!
  2. Be clever, measure
    While getting off to a good start is crucial for achieving the best results, it is likewise important to ensure a smooth trip during and after the big move. Accordingly, one of the best ways to achieve this is by crunching the important numbers.

    • Consider scheduling your moving days during off-peak hours. This will guarantee a faster journey and lower petrol costs, especially if you are planning on using your own vehicle to transport any items. One way you can do this is through Gothere.sg, which allows you to figure out travelling times and routes.
    • If you are hiring a moving company to help out, do remember to calculate the costs. While some firms base their prices on traveling distance, others might charge by the number of trips made. Do have a look at gumtree.sg to find the best deal which fits your moving needs.
  3. Don’t leave a mail trail
    Fond memories and physical belongings are not the only things that are making the move with you. Don’t forget to update your address so that your mail gets sent to the right place!

    • If you are living in Singapore, public postal service SingPost allows you to redirect all mail (including registered articles) to your new address beforehand. This provides ample time for local home movers to make the necessary updates before settling down.
    • Prepare a list of top-priority contacts to notify so that you will never miss out on any important documents in the future. Some prominent examples that you should keep in mind are government agencies, banks and insurance companies.