5 Fuss-Free DIY Wall Art Ideas


You’ve heard of feature walls – now get ready for DIY wall art. Be it geometric shapes, leaves, or paint applied with fruits, wall art is a great way to truly personalise your home.

Before you dive into the paint bucket, make sure to prepare your wall. Dust it and test if it can be cleaned with water on a small area. If the paint comes off, simply dry clean it. If there are bumps, use a paint scraper or sandpaper for a smooth finish. For cracks and small holes, use wall primer. Once it’s primed and ready, you can get started on your wall art.

  1. Tape art
    For this style of wall art, simply place pieces of tape on your wall to create a pattern or shape. It’s fun and low-risk – if you mess up, just pull off the tape. Classic black lines are always stylish, but plus signs and more unusual shapes have also gained popularity.


    Image courtesy of @sionnach_dalur_house

  2. Geometric shapes
    For a tidy paint job with creative shapes, outline the shapes you wish to create with tape and fill them in with paint. Once the paint dries, pull off the tape. The final look will have a professional touch thanks to the clean lines left by the tape.


    Image courtesy of @ellatarrant

  3. Fruit prints
    The most unusual but perhaps most entertaining wall art idea is fruit prints. Get hold of some fruits with interesting textures, such as oranges and lemons, cut them open, and coat them in paint. Then, proceed to press the fruits against the wall to leave fruit prints. Keep in mind that this idea requires more planning for a tidier look, as the prints can easily become messy.


    Image courtesy of @cozinhatrefois_oficial

  4. Leaves
    For an Insta-worthy wall, play around with leaf art. Cover natural leaves in paint and press them against the wall with some paper in order to protect your hands and keep the leaf straight. Every stamp will look slightly different, giving your wall a one-of-a-kind look.


    Image courtesy of This Old House

  5. Sponge dots
    An easy option that makes for a cute result is sponge painting. Simply mark the designated spots on your wall with a pencil, then dunk a sponge in paint and dot it all over your chosen wall. Once dried, it will look just like a wallpaper, but with a personal touch.

Image courtesy of @thecreasoncrew