6 Tricks To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Luxury Hotel Boudoir

Every bedroom is a sanctuary. While many keep it simple with minimal decoration, you can also spruce it up to look like a five-star hotel room just by keeping to some tips. Read on to find out how to live the lavish lifestyle right in your bedroom.

Cushion up

Image Credit: The Design Tabloid

An essential in every hotel room is the addition of cushions to complement the bed. Plump up yours with comfy cushions of different textures that add a dash of elegance to the bedroom’s style, keeping to a suggested maximum of 4. Alternatively, European pillows will also do the trick.

Rid the technology

Image Credit: Heal’s

Hotel boudoirs are designed for one purpose and that is to induce relaxation. And to do that, most keep modern-day technology to a minimum. To commit to having an authentic restful bedroom, leave the television set in the living room. It might be challenging, but keeping laptops and work e-mails away from the bedroom will also help towards quality time in the bedroom, be it relaxing with your partner or catching up on sleep.

Opt for a four-poster bed

Image Credit: The New Way Home Decor

The quickest way of transforming a simple bedroom into a boudoir is the inclusion of a 4-poster bed. The timeless option sets a distinct flair to the room, and is a dreamy piece of furniture that invites escapism. Drape it with a canopy or fabric cloth for an added touch.

Let the light in

Image Credit: Condé Nast Traveler

Room lighting is imperative towards setting the right mood. Therefore, have multiple light sources instead of a simple, singular ceiling light with the inclusion of bedside lamps and curtain-draped windows. To add grandeur, go full-on with a royal chandelier. Otherwise, candles are also perfect options for soft or warm lighting in addition to contributing to the overall ambience.

Bedside complements

Image Credit: Impressive Interior Design

Adorn your bedside with accents that extravagantly elevate your room: a stylish bedside table to store your nightly read, a polished coat hanger by the corner, or what about a minimalist bench at the foot of your bed? The latter is a great way to add depth to your bedroom, and also serves as a convenient seating area to wear your shoes or lay your outfit choices for the day.

Material world

Image Credit: The Sleep Judge

For that classic glamour, choose the right type of material and colours. A rich, metallic colour like silver will give the room a light and spacious vibe, while opting for silk and velvet sheets accentuates a sophisticated impression. Compliment with a smooth and polished hue for the headboard and furniture for a perfect finish.