8 Ways To Save On Your Home Moving Cost

  • Collect Packing Materials

Or opt for recycled boxes from your movers. They generally shave off a portion of cost that could go into many other essential things later. Another option is to start making like a hoarder and start saving boxes from new things you’re getting for your new place, or ask your supermarkets for semi-used, dry carton boxes.

  • Get Multiple Bids

Never go for just one quote; unless you’re in a hurry. Always ask for a quote from a minimum of three companies and set a date for them to come down. Which brings us to our next point…

  • Always, always get a quote in person

Movers, even for something as small as a table or a room of things, need to see your stuff before you accept their quote. Online forms and emails may seem less of a hassle, but there is always a higher chance that they will over-quote you or worse, have you top up on the day of your move. Negotiation is a lot more plausible if you have the mover on site. Ask them what you can do to shave down the price.

  • Don’t move during festive periods

Chinese New Year, Christmas and public holidays we all love normally jack up the moving prices by a significant percentage. Take leave if you need to! It’ll be worth it. You get first dibs on timing too.

  • Start packing early

We all know this, but somehow always manage to underestimate the amount of things we all have. Start with the things you haven’t touched in the last six months and work down from here. Detailed labelling is ultra-important because you don’t want to undo your packing. Keeping the movers waiting doesn’t bode well for you or them; they might start charging for extra time.

  • Try and estimate the number of boxes yourself

Movers will give you a number, but always have a rough figure in your head before they arrive. 10 boxes may seem paltry, but they jack up the cost more than you can imagine.

  • Pack what you can in your luggage

Since you’ll be shifting your luggage anyway, stuff what you can in them! This way you can reduce boxes and take your luggage with you on your actual move day.

Tip: Reserve your luggage space for last minute items that you may have overlooked.

  • Get on freecycle!

Especially if you’re moving a whole house or flat, you’ll have furniture to dispose of, either in your new home or your old one. Most movers don’t provide disposal service, or do so at a cutthroat price. If your furniture or bulky items are decently preserved, you can put them up on http://sgfreecycle.org/ and you might get some takers. This way, it helps with the environment as well. Win-win.