4 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old Jars

Every household has at least one glass jar sitting in the fridge, but not a lot of homeowners see its repurpose potential after the last dollop of mayonnaise is scooped up. Peel off the sticker label, give it a thorough wash, and ta-da! You have an eco-friendly, multipurpose container ready at your disposal. So before you chuck that empty jar into the bin, give it a new lease on life with these innovative DIY decor ideas.

As a soap dispenser

Compared to store-bought liquid soaps that come in multicoloured pump bottles, transparent glass jars blend in much better with any countertop and overall bathroom design. To make a DIY liquid soap dispenser, carefully puncture a small hole in the centre of the jar’s lid using a precision knife and then slot in a matching pump. Ensure that the pump is in place by supergluing it around the base of the hole and letting it dry for a day.

squarerooms reuse glass jar as soap dispenser bathroom decor one good thing by jillee

Image courtesy of One Good Thing by Jillee

As a flower vase

A bouquet of blooms instantly brightens up drab spaces, so it only seems fit to place them in a sturdy jar that highlights their natural beauty. While you can always grab a decorative vase off the shelf, a used glass jar works just as well. Fill the translucent container with the appropriate amount of water, slide your favourite flowers in and you’re all set! What’s more, glass surfaces make for great art canvases, so feel free to attempt some DIY with paint, decorative stones, glitter and even cloth.

squarerooms glass jar home decor flower vase

Image courtesy of Elena G.

As a portable light

If you love ambient lighting but want to cut down on your electricity use, a light-in-a-jar is just what you need. Portable luminaires are easy to put together—simply bunch up a string of battery-powered fairy lights and dump them into a clean glass container, such as your old mayonnaise jar. The result: a lovely piece of home decor that seriously takes the cosiness of your living room or bedroom up a notch.

squarerooms glass jar home decor string fairy lights

Image courtesy of Naganath Chiluveru

As a storage container

Not into DIY projects? The simplest way to reuse your old glass jars is to turn them into handy kitchen storage. Not only do they give you a clear overview of what’s inside, they’re also very sturdy and often come with an airtight lid, keeping your food extra fresh. Plus, they look really aesthetic, particularly if you like a clean, minimalist kitchen!

squarerooms glass jar home decor storage kitchen pantry nuts

Image courtesy of Ignacio F.