7 Easy DIY Projects You Can Do While Stuck At Home


If you’re stuck at home during this outbreak, there are only so many Netflix shows you can watch before going out of your mind with boredom. To tickle your brain and change up your surroundings, a creative DIY project is just what you need. Here are seven ideas for beautiful home decor items you can personalise or make from scratch.

  1. Candle holder
    Coming in all shapes and sizes, candle holders are easy to get creative with. You can mould and craft the candle holder from zero, or you can grab a dish and get creative with the decorations around your candle. For instance, consider painting some pebbles or even covering them in glitter for a sparkling centrepiece. If you love the smell of coffee, you can also scatter some coffee beans around your candle. The heat of the flame will make the scent waft through the house, giving you a nice wake-up call when you’re feeling down.squarerooms-wooden-chair-with-candle-diy-holder-pebbles-decor-aesthetic
  2. Soap dish
    Adding a sense of organisation and a personal touch to the space, a hand-crafted soap dish can significantly up your bathroom game. To replicate these unique soap dishes, paint some left-over jar lids and attach them upside-down to round, wooden coasters. If you cannot get enough of aesthetic bathroom decor, how about making some sleek storage units and glass containers as well?squarerooms-soap-dish-bathroom-counter-decor-display-flatlay-aesthetic-style
  3. Coasters
    Fun and versatile, coasters can look like pretty much anything. You can match your candle holder with a pebbled coaster that will sweep those beach vibes into your dining room. For something a little more rustic, get hold of cork bottle stoppers and glue them together. This is an especially satisfying project for wine lovers!squarerooms-bottle-stoppers-cork-wine-coasters-diy-project-flatlay-cups-table-white
  4. Indoor garden
    No matter how much entertainment you have in your house, one thing you will likely come to miss is a breath of nature. To fill this hole in your routine, you can set up an indoor garden. Don’t worry if you don’t have much space, as indoor gardening can be done on tabletops, counters, hanging from the ceiling and even up the wall, saving you a lot of precious floor space. Depending on how many resources you can dedicate to your indoor garden, you can choose between terrariums, green walls, edible gardens, and classic potted plants.


    Image courtesy of Vertical Green

  5. Wall art
    For the non-artistic who want some creativity in the home, these easy wall art ideas are the perfect social-distancing project. To keep things simple, give tape art and sponge dots a go. For the bold and experimental, fruit and leaf prints will certainly make for an eye-drawing feature wall.


    Image courtesy of This Old House

  6. Floating bookshelves
    If isolating at home has motivated you to start reading more, you might find yourself running out of space on your shelves. Floating bookshelves are an ingenious solution for this lack of storage space, and they make for an especially intriguing display. All you need is sturdy bookends and the tools to attach them to your wall, such as screws and a driver. Violà, floating books!


    Image courtesy of @bookaholic_in_wonderland

  7. Jewellery trays
    These stunning trays are deceptively easy to make. All you need is a few portions of polymer clay in various colours of your choice. Separate each colour into sections, roll each one into a thick noodle shape, then loosely twist together all the sections you want to combine. Roll out the clay into the shape of your tray, and bake it according to the polymer clay instructions. These particular trays were spray-painted gold around the edge for a luxurious look.SquareRooms-colourful-DIY-jewellery-holder-trays-polymer-clay-marble-beautiful-aesthetic-luxury