Save On Your Electricity Bill While Staying Home With These Handy Tips

Staying home means saving money on eating out, public transport, gas and all of the hobbies you might usually overspend on. However, it also means that your electricity bill is rising, particularly if your household is always working on a laptop, watching TV or cooling down with the air-con on full blast. If you’re starting to worry about your electricity bill, here are some quick and easy tips to save you plenty of money.

  1. Know your fan
    Positioning your fan(s) strategically to achieve the best possible ventilation will keep the room airy and cool, allowing you to save on air-conditioning. We also have a nifty little trick just for you. If you make sure that your fan is spinning counter-clockwise, it will keep the cool air down and circulate the hot air upwards! This will keep the room cold much longer and avoid hot air swirling around your face all day.squarerooms-ventilation-fan-closeup
  2. Keep the cold in
    If you are using an air-conditioner, the most important rule is to keep it to a small, enclosed space, such as your bedroom or home office. Leaving your air-con exposed with open doors will overwork the unit without effectively cooling down anything. Plus, it can quickly cause the air-conditioner to leak, making a big mess all around.
  3. Keep your appliances warm
    A little-known facts about electrical appliances is that turning them off and on again wastes much more energy than having them run continuously. For instance, if you need to dry a few loads of clothes, try to dry them consecutively. The dryer will remain warm in between loads, saving you the energy it would take to warm up all over again. Likewise, water heaters, ovens, toasters and other kitchen appliances use up less energy when already hot.


    Image courtesy of LG

  4. Insulate your home
    Many homeowners have been painting their abodes during this circuit breaker. If you are looking into painting or renovating your home as well, consider getting hold of insulating materials, heat-reducing window films and even heat-repellant paints. While they can initially add up to a decent sum, they will save you money on cooling down the house in the long run.
  5. Check your appliances
    Electrical appliances that don’t work properly will quickly put a dent in your wallet. Take some extra time to find out when your appliances are due for maintenance and get them checked periodically. You should also do some simple cleaning and maintenance yourself to keep them running smoothly.squarerooms-degreasing-hob-cooktop-stove-cleaning-hand-gloves-sponge-spray
  6. Control your showers
    Taking excessively long showers wastes a whole lot of water and can cost you dearly. However, hot water in particular will affect your electricity bill on top of your water bill. Lowering your shower temperature is a quick and easy way to save on electricity bills and be more environmentally friendly, especially in our hot and humid climate. Don’t forget to turn off the heater after your shower as well!