Enhance Your At-home Workouts With These 5 Versatile Yet Affordable Gym Equipments

While unideal, at-home workouts have certainly become commonplace. So to help you achieve effective and efficient sweat sessions indoors, check out these five versatile and lightweight gym equipments that will fit nicely in any home. If you don’t have much space around the house for bulky gym apparatus, then this list will definitely come in handy.

Exercise ball


A highly-versatile gym equipment, exercise balls can also be used as a rehabilitation treatment option for lower back pain relief. After completing killer ab exercises on the ball, cool down by stretching with it as well. For a good quality piece that comes with an air pump at a low price, check out here.

Pull-up barSquareRooms-decathlon-pull-up-bar

It may be known as a pull-up bar, but press-ups, dips and other bodyweight exercises can all be done using this piece of equipment too. To strengthen your upper body and build muscles effectively, install this adjustable, doorway pull-up bar that does not require the use of drills or screws.

Resistance bands

The possibilities for productive home workouts are truly endless once you’ve got a bunch of top-quality resistance bands on hand. Not only are you able to train your glutes with them, but you can also attempt upper body exercises such as overhand tricep extensions and chest pumps. Get these hardy bands that are lightweight yet perfect for incorporating into your routine, then check out this video that offers numerous resistance band exercises.

Skipping rope

A popular way of increasing cardio at home, jump rope workouts are actually a thing. After receiving your tangle-free skipping rope in the mail, try a 10-min Jump Rope Workout or even an invigorating HIIT routine that utilise those new ropes.

Yoga mat


Not just for yogis, the ubiquitous yoga mat is important for safe home workouts as they cushion your body and absorb impact to prevent injuries. Get a non-slip exercise mat that’ll also make your routines easier, and be sure to give it a good wipe after every sweat sesh.

A version of this story first appeared on SG Magazine.