Here Are 3 Reasons Why This Sink Will Cover All Your Bases In The Kitchen


Striving to bring confidence, convenience and comfort into people’s lives through innovation and quality service, Franke is one of the world’s leading provider of products and solutions for residential kitchens and bathrooms. With a strong belief in “making it wonderful” for their consumers, the Swiss brand doesn’t just design products to fill voids in homes. Instead, they create products that take the everyday and transforms it into something truly inspirational, such as the Fragranite sink.

Not only is Fragranite one of the world’s hardest textured materials available, it is also easily one of the most attractive. Boasting a unique design that brings an innovative aesthetic to the market, the minimalist form of Fragranite sinks combine thin walls and soft edges to create a beautiful and elegant workspace for any kitchen. Each sink also comes with a 50-year guarantee to boot.

  1. Bring on the hard knocks
    Made up of 80% natural quartz and 20% acrylic resin, Fragranite sinks provide users with ease of mind for all occasions, from heavy-duty cooking sessions to casual brunch prep. Amongst its many benefits, the superbly hard-wearing material is resistant to impacts and thermal shock, and not even the sharpest of knives will be able to scratch the surface. In addition, these surfaces remain unaffected by temperatures up to 280ºC.SquareRooms-Franke-Fragranite-sink
  2. Suitable for all
    No more having to worry if your kitchen sink matches the overall decor of your home. Available in a wide range of styles and colours, the Fragranite sinks are designed to complement any interior with its contemporary and modern aesthetic. Even better, whichever colour you pick, it will not fade throughout the lifetime of the product, ensuring that its elegance will last forever.SquareRooms-Franke-Fragranite-granite-sink
  3. Safe and secure
    Kitchens need to be bacteria free – it’s not something that can, or should, be compromised on. You may not realise it, but bacteria multiply every 20 minutes on an unprotected material. But this is not something you have to concern yourself with when you have a Fragranite sink. The integrated Sanitized treatment helps to reduce bacteria and microbe growth by 99%, which can, in turn, provide the sink with long-lasting protection while keeping your food prep area clean.SquareRooms-Franke-sink

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