The Most Efficient Kitchen System With Waste Management and Interlocking Fittings

Set up a productive kitchen with interlocking components—a sturdy undermount sink, a minimalist mixer tap and convenient waste management in a single unit.

Most homeowners think of the kitchen as a space for cooking. Washing up isn’t usually top of mind, which is why the sink area is often overlooked. That’s a big missed opportunity as the right setup can really improve efficiency and maximise every usable inch of your kitchen.

Because the sink area is so underrated, it can be tough to design and put together a functional setup from scratch. Instead of trying to combine various standalone components that may not come together in the end, we recommend opting for an integrated system like the BLANCO UNIT, where all components have been carefully selected to ensure seamless integration with one another.

The BLANCO UNIT consists of high-quality, carefully coordinated and interlocking components—a sink bowl, a mixer tap and a waste management system—that adapt seamlessly to any kitchen layout. The result is a holistic all-in-one solution, providing you with a low-maintenance, custom-fit kitchen with effortless usability.

A sturdy, hardwearing undermount sink

blanco subline kitchen organisation system blanco unit fittings cream minimalist modern cabinets trash bin

One of the most important fittings in the kitchen, the sink in the BLANCO UNIT is made of the brand’s patented SILGRANIT, a non-porous, food-safe and highly durable material consisting of 80% quartz sand. The surface is velvety, cool and naturally tactile, making it not just sturdy but also pleasant to the touch.

The BLANCO SUBLINE range is particularly popular, boasting a minimalist design and various sizes to suit all kitchen requirements. For a timeless and extra low-maintenance sink area, we’d recommend the SUBLINE 800-U undermount sink, which is equipped with convenient features like covered C-overflow and the brand’s fuss-free InFino drain system.

Soft white hues and satin gold accents

blanco subline kitchen organisation system blanco unit fittings cream minimalist modern cabinets woman throwing away trash

Reflecting light to make your kitchen look brighter and more expansive, white is a lovely colour to choose for your surfaces and fittings. It’s also the perfect backdrop for accent pieces that elevate the design, like handles and smaller fixtures.

One of the newest SILGRANIT shades is Soft White, an understated hue that goes perfectly with a farmhouse or Scandi-inspired kitchen aesthetic and even a rustic or wholly modern-minimalist style. For an elegant finish, opt for the InFino drain set in satin gold, a bold yet harmonious shade that will elegantly complement the Soft White hue.

Other satin gold accents will tie the whole look together with ease, turning your sink area into a statement centrepiece in the kitchen.

blanco subline kitchen organisation system blanco unit fittings cream minimalist modern cabinets undermount sink wash basin

Once you’ve picked your kitchen sink, enhance the sink area with BLANCO’s range of mixer taps and matching accessories like soap dispensers. We particularly like the LINUS-S mixer tap, which is of course available in satin gold to perfectly complement the Soft White SUBLINE 800-U sink.

Sophisticated and opulent, this mixer tap has a minimalist design with a high-quality finish, no matter if you choose the refined satin gold look or one of the brand’s many other options.

An extendable metal spray head makes it versatile and easy to manoeuvre, while the high faucet spout makes the filling of pots and even tall vases extra straightforward.

Integrated kitchen waste management

blanco subline kitchen organisation system blanco unit fittings cream minimalist modern cabinets woman throwing away trash

No sink area is complete without the part no one wants to think about—waste management! Usually hidden under the sink, this aspect of kitchen design is the most neglected one and often ends up being unsightly, messy and even smelly due to a lack of planning.

To ensure that your waste is sorted properly, kept in order and doesn’t sour your overall kitchen experience, it’s a good idea to install a solid waste management system. BLANCO makes this easy and convenient with the BOTTON II 30/2, seamlessly installed under the kitchen sink and integrated into the BLANCO UNIT.

Hygiene, cleanliness and common sense are at the forefront of the BOTTON II 30/2, designed to keep waste smartly separated, maintenance as low-effort as possible and cleaning essentials neatly stored away.

The waste system is installed on rails and the bins can be lifted out in seconds for easy removal. When not in use, it’s shut out of sight behind stylish, classic hinged doors.

While the BOTTON II 30/2 system is compact and fits into small apartment kitchens, it can handle large volumes of kitchen waste without any issue. Installation is simple and flexible, making it adaptable to a variety of kitchen layouts and environments, with a sturdy, long-lasting steel profile.

Every BLANCO UNIT can be customised to suit your personal taste and lifestyle, making it as unique as your home. Combining functionality, durability and aesthetic appeal, this innovative system will take your kitchen to the next level.

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