How to Buy Furniture in Singapore: Shop for Durable, Modular Furniture for Your Home

What to look for when you shop for furniture in Singapore to ensure that it lasts you a lifetime.

Building a home isn’t about the present—it’s about the future and what’s going to keep you happy, secure and comfortable in the long run. That’s why we always recommend staying away from fads and trendy items and instead opting for colours and furnishings that stand the test of time.

The furnishings from King Living embody this philosophy; timeless, trustworthy pieces that homeowners all over the world have owned for decades and still cherish to this day.

Instead of constantly changing up the catalogue with new pieces according to trends, King Living works on constantly improving its signature furnishings, implementing adaptability, ease of use and extra comfort at every turn.

From space-savvy modularity to sturdy framing and quality materials, here’s what King Living suggests you should look for when shopping for furnishings that are made to last.

Choose modular, flexible furnishings

king living woman sitting on delta sofa leather couch

King Living Delta Sofa

Modular design allows easy customisation and introduces the option to reuse and repair individual parts, leading to a longer life for your treasured furniture pieces. In fact, they may even last so long that you can pass your favourite statement furnishings down to your children!

This kind of flexibility also future-proofs your home for the day when your preferences change or your family expands, ensuring you can change things up without replacing everything. Plus, moving house is much easier when you can take apart and reassemble large furniture pieces.

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Buy furniture with a sturdy steel frame

king living sofa steel frame

King Living steel frame

To ensure longevity, zero in on your furnishings’ frames and springs—because the secret to the signature King Living modularity and comfort is the steel frame hiding inside each sofa and bed.

This is the foundation that supports the Postureflex seating system, making use of precision-engineered, high-grade galvanised steel that’s also spot-welded at key stress and weight-bearing areas.

In fact, this frame comes with a 25-year warranty, promising enduring strength and modularity for furnishings you can count on.

Shop for furniture with convenient accessories

king living delta sofa smart accessories

King Living Delta Sofa with accessories

Considering that many of us are spending more time at home these days—be it working, connecting with loved ones or relaxing with a good movie—it’s paramount that our furnishings lend us maximum comfort.

Not just in terms of materials and back support, but also when it comes to handy accessories we can add to make our homes more convenient.

Smart accessories that slot into sofa pockets or attach to the headboard can optimise comfort and enhance your experience working from and lounging at home.

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Pick furnishings with high-quality materials

KING LIVING zaza sofa living room

King Living Zaza Sofa

To ensure your furnishings truly last you for years to come, choose pieces that can be refreshed and reupholstered with age. King Living sofas can be upholstered in over 200 fabrics and even premium leathers, ranging from minimalistic and timeless to fun and playful, so you can change things up without needing to replace the furniture.

Beyond the fabrics and leathers, you’ll also love the materials below the surface, such as the advanced King Living memory foam, which provides the same downy-soft feel of feather-filled cushions yet springs back into shape after use.

It guarantees that your sofa will look its best for years to come, making it not just a wallet-friendly investment but sustainable to boot.

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king living jasper sofa living room

King Living Jasper Sofa

With King Living, you can shop with confidence and rest assured that what you are buying has been made well, from the internal frame and construction to the timeless silhouette, superior handcrafted finishes and wide-ranging customisation.

No matter how your interior style changes, whether your home’s square footage expands or shrinks and what the size of your family looks like years down the road, the furnishings you choose from King Living will be there with you every step of the way.

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