How to Style a Room that Can Grow With Your Kid


Your child’s room may look perfect now, but expect to see changes as your kiddo grows up! Here are six ways to style a room along with your kid’s evolving tastes.

Adaptable furniture

Spaceman adaptable furniture

Image courtesy of Spaceman

Double-duty furniture works wonders when transitioning a baby’s room into one fit for a child. This multifunctional furniture by Spaceman will maximise your precious square footage, especially in smaller kids’ rooms. Opt for a dresser that can be fitted with a padded changing mat, or a bunk bed that folds away in the day. Adaptable furniture also allows space for creativity by offering a range of different set-ups for your little one to customise as they wish.

Fun but not childish decor

room showing a window with shelves filled with kids toys

Image courtesy of MYMOVE

While that Hello Kitty headboard looks adorable, you won’t like having to discard it once your tot considers it out of style. Instead of splurging on kids-dedicated furniture, incorporate personality to your child’s room with artwork and decor that isn’t overly cloying. Animal posters and vintage contemporary toys are great examples that withstand the test of time and will make your kid’s room the talk of kindergarten.

Peel-and-stick tiles

Peel and stick tiles

Image courtesy of Clever Mosaics

Peel-and-stick tiles are ideal for upgrading a space with minimal cost and effort. They can be used to transform boring ol’ furniture into WOW statements, be it decorating the dresser or glamming up a tabletop. They’re also great for injecting personality into the walls and flooring and can be installed and removed without breaking a sweat.

Removable wallpaper


Image courtesy of Go Modern Furniture

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to skew towards a youthful, babyish wallpaper when decorating your kid’s room, but come a few years and you’ll be itching to remove those pink floral murals and baby blue clouds. Instead, choose wallpaper with geometric patterns that exude sophistication without being too juvenile. Don’t feel obligated to plaster wallpaper on all four walls as it makes the room look smaller and overwhelming. Less is more when decorating, so hang it on a single wall or two to make a statement.

Semi-gloss or satin paint

kids bedroom with grey and white walls

Image courtesy of Inspirations Paint

Kids’ rooms are used and abused, so should you find yourself dealing with a zoo, semi-gloss or satin paint will be your best friend. While it’s easier to wipe dirty fingerprints and wall drawings off a semi-gloss finish, satin paint is better at hiding imperfections such as dents and deep marks. The colour of paint is also important, so choose a neutral tone such as grey, white or cream that will grow with your child throughout the tween and teen years.

Clever storage space

squarerooms luigi la tona joyce chung home organisation kids bedroom storage childrens bed

Image courtesy of Luigi La Tona

You may find yourself tripping over your kid’s stuffed toys (or worse, lego bricks), so expand your storage potential and stash the clutter into under-the-bed storage crates, double closets or an upholstered bedroom bench. These smart storage solutions will get the job done for years to come and remove the need to buy endless toy boxes that will make the room look like an IKEA warehouse.