6 Insta-Worthy Ideas for a Kids’ Room that Will Knock Your Socks Off


Looking for creative and soothing ideas to fit out your kids’ room? From a bold and beautiful wallpaper to a timeless canopy, here are some of our favourite ideas for your little ones, brought to you by style-savvy parents on Instagram!

Playful storage

Keeping the kids’ room tidy can be a real chore. Most children just can’t be bothered with cleaning up after themselves. With playful storage, however, you may just get your kids to put things back where they belong. One of our favourite ways to make playtime a lot tidier is to set up a fort in one corner of the room and keep the toys contained within that space. This will avoid the usual mess throughout the rest of the house while giving your kids an exciting little corner of their own.

Positive vibes

As children grow up, they tend to develop their own style, often picking out colours and furnishings for their own rooms. But until that day comes, parents need to choose what kind of environment they want their kids to live in. If you find yourself in this position, make sure to promote happiness and positivity in your kids’ room through warm, colourful furnishings and uplifting artwork. Statements like “blast off to the moon” can be particularly impactful in kids’ decor, as they not only promote positivity but also encourage your children to be confident and dream big.

Bold wallpaper

Whether your children are still newborns or already starting school, it’s crucial to nurture their creativity while they’re still young, encouraging them to think outside the box. A great way to do this is to design your kids’ bedroom in an interactive way that allows your children to make up stories as they move through their space. You can achieve this easily by applying a bold and magical wallpaper, capturing their imagination with far-away landscapes and soothing artwork.

Educational art

Going to school is an important part of growing up, but a classroom setting is not always the most effective way of learning, especially at a young age. Teaching your kids about the world around us through play can be a lot more successful and certainly more enjoyable. We recommend putting up educational posters about animals, trees, evolution, the universe, history or anything else you want your children to learn about. Opt for posters with cute illustrations and bright colours to grab their attention!

Mobile furniture

Looking to teach your kids a touch of independence and useful motor skills? Getting them to push around small carts and other lightweight furnishings can be a great way to develop movement and a certain degree of spatial awareness. It can also make for very imaginative playtime as your kids can use the rolling cart to act as flight attendants, nurses, waiters, mechanics or any other role that strikes their fancy.

Dreamy canopy

While keeping your children safe should be your number one priority, safety measures don’t always look very aesthetically pleasing. Thankfully, you can keep your kids safe at night with a handy mosquito net, which also happens to make any room look instantly dreamy. You can even weave fairy lights or other decorations around the edges of the canopy, making the room appear all the more marvellous.

This post was adapted from an article originally published in the November 2020 issue of SquareRooms.